How to Maximize Your Living Room for Entertaining

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Make the Most of Your Space When Entertaining

The living room is the center of every household. It is a place to rest and relax, read a book, watch TV, listen to music or host a small gathering or even a party. It is a place where every family member spends at least some part of his or her day. However, in order to be able to organise some family or friends gatherings, we need to make some adjustments and follow these easy tips to make our living room ready for entertaining. 

  • Sitting area

Number one tip in the area on learning how to maximize your living room for entertaining is definitely a comfortable, flexible and functional sitting area.

This means your furniture must serve the purpose of relaxing on it. It also means you need to be able to move it around in the time of need and arrange it properly so your guests can sit and enjoy the gathering or a party.

You can opt for different types of furniture sets depending on your preferences and space, so you can have two sofas and two armchairs or a sofa, ottoman and two armchairs or a sectional or corner sofa set. You can decorate the furniture with pillows and blankets to your liking. 

  • Snacks & beverages

Any type of entertainment requires some kind of food and beverages station. So, one of the tips on how to create a great multipurpose living room includes serving food and drinks in the living room, which are usually served in the kitchen. You can use a big tray with self-serve food and drinks and place it on the coffee table, for example.

Another option is to use a bar cart. This is quite useful since you can load it with everything you need in the kitchen and bring it to the living room in only one trip. You can lay out the food on the coffee table, or you can leave everything in the cart, at your guests’ disposal. 

  • The lighting

For different occasions, we need different lighting. If we read a book, we need plenty of natural light or stronger light bulbs. If we host a party, the lighting needs to be dimmer. If we organise a movie night or a play station game night our living room must be completely dark for the full experience. The best way to achieve the perfect atmosphere is to decorate our windows with thick custom made curtains and blinds that will block any sunlight trying to reach our living room. They not only look stylish but they serve a purpose.

  • Entertainment

One of the 5 essentials on how to decorate your living room includes an entertainment area. Hence, besides the comfy sitting area every living room usually has an entertainment center including a big screen TV, surround sound system, a Wii, an Xbox or a PlayStation. You can use these in your family fun evenings or with small groups of friends. There are many options for you here, from organising cinema nights to playing sports via Xbox or organising all kinds of competitions. 

The layout and extra furniture

Since your goal is to make your living room suitable for entertaining a few people, you need to make an according layout. If your furniture is mobile, it will make the organisation of your gatherings or parties easier. In that way, you can keep one layout when you’re not entertaining and one when you’re entertaining.

Also, always have some extra furniture around the house when you have more people coming over. You can use ottomans, chairs from the kitchen and bean bags. Think about the flow of the people as well. Leave plenty of room for moving around because nobody likes stepping on someone’s foot or asking someone all the time to move so they can get somewhere. 

People like to entertain and to get together with their friends. That’s how they charge their batteries, connect to each other and discuss some issues or problems. To boost these gatherings and make them versatile, we can decorate our living room to suit these needs. So, sometimes we can organise a classic dinner and drinks get-together, sometimes we can organize a movie night, a game night or perhaps a board game night. With these, we can fill our living room with laughter and fun.

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