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People who’re a fan of Arab music, tv, and films always want to stay updated regarding the news. They want to know about the latest happening in the Arab film, TV, and music industry. Moreover, fans want to know about the news related to their favourite celebrity and their favourite tv shows. Fans ask the question, how can we get the Arab celebrity news? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you how you can get the Arab celebrity news. If you want to keep it simple just go to and get all the news at the same platform.


A newspaper is a conventional method of getting news and staying updated. Every major newspaper has an entertainment section. The major newspaper includes Arab news, Al-Ahram, Al-Akhbar, Okaz, Al-Bayan, Gulf news, and Al-Ittihad, etc. Just jump to the entertainment section, and it is filled with news related Arab music, tv, and film industry. You can subscribe to the newspaper of your choice and stay updated with news of Arab celebrities.

Websites & Blogs

Websites and blogs are other sources of getting news related to the Arab fashion industry. MazikaToday is one such blog dedicated to the Arab celebrity news, click here to jump to the blog and read the latest news. Gulf News and stepfeed are also popular websites and blogs to stay updated about the happenings in the Arab music and film industry.


Magazines are another source of news and entertainment. All the news and event are highlighted in the magazines. These fashion and film magazines will have all the news related to the Arab film, fashion, and music industry. There are different famous magazines available like Aquarius, Ahlan, Masala, Grazia, Alpha, La Moda Dubai, and Harper’s Baazar Arabia, etc. You can get the subscription of your favourite magazine and get the Arab celebrity news.

Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, etc. are an excellent source of getting Arab celebrity news. You can subscribe to channels of your favourite media and news outlet on YouTube and watch the latest news. Moreover, you can like the pages of your favourite news and blog websites like MazikaToday on Facebook and get the latest news on your Facebook feed.

Twitter is another brilliant source. If you use twitter more often, you can follow the twitter handle of the favourite news outlet and stay updated with the latest news. Social media is the best tool to get news about your favourite Arab celebrities.

TV & Radio

TV and Radio are another sources of getting Arab celebrity news. There are different satellite and cable TV channels available that you can tune in to watch the news and shows from the Arab film, music, and TV industry. Moreover, there are different radio channels available that you can tune in to listen to the music and the news.

The Bottom Line

There are different sources out there that can help you get the Arab celebrity news. You can tune-in to your favourite news channels, or you can visit the blogs like MazikaToday to get the latest updates. All these sources will allow you to stay updated.

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