Coin Master Tips and Tricks to be Noted

Tips And Tricks To Get Coins On Coin Master

Best Tips And Tricks To Get Coins On Coin Master

Coin master, made by moon active is basically an iphone and android games app. The latest current version in use is 3.5.20. 

We will discuss here the tips and tricks that we need to keep in mind while playing this game. If you continue reading till the end it will be beneficial for your way of playing this game. 

So let’s get started and there are no shortcuts to this game, you’ll have to play each & every level to reach the finale. 

Coin master spins and coins tips and tricks

The game importantly revolves around coins and spins. We need them throughout the game. 

Here are some tips to collect more of them 

  • Try not to waste your spins, as it stretches the game and you’ll hardly complete two or three villages in a month and eventually you become bored of this longing game process. 
  • Do not just target on the villages and invest your time in it. Your prime focus should be on collecting spins.
  • Initially we will have to complete card sets as these would help us collect more spins. There is another trick called add friends, which is quite old because allows 250 friends to join and this too stops all your rewards.
  • It’s crucial to know which village numbers will help us open the chest to get the maximum cards. Collect gold cards before finishing a village is another important aspect. 

Coin master cards tips and tricks

we can send 5 cards in a limit but the limit can be extended, you’ll just have to change your date after each day, and then you can send five more cards to your friends. 

Tips for cards 

the first 3 levels in the game will help you learn and we will find the card at the 4th level. 

Stick to the 5th village to collect the unlocked gold card. It is an significant village for collecting cards. Once your card collection is over your next level will be to get your gold card unlocked.

Once you finish 5th and 6th level, jump onto the 7th as this is another significant level, collect all the gold cards and move towards the 10th level.

Card trading group 

Such a group has complicated approach. There are times when it will help you but there are times too when it won’t help you at all. There are people who would give you the card you require but if you do not give a card, they might attack your village a lot of times.

It’s a game of trust, if you really join the trading group find the loyal person who would give you card & will stay untouched from all those who hinder you.

coin master event tips & tricks 

the two most crucial events are set blast and viking quest for collecting spins.

Attack master & raid master 

This process will help you collect coins, once you’ve crossed 1b+ coins hide your account as there are chances of people stealing your coins. Hide it for a day & it will be safe automatically for the next level.

Big raids 

if you have friends at bigger level or if you can make another account for bigger raids.

Here are some tips to get big raid 

Finding your pet 

High bet

Once you get a small raid play along you will get higher raid.

You can get extra cards from card boom.

You need to follow the rules and trade when the event happens to get the golden card.

Set blast is an event which gives you double spins. 

Jackpot is the fiasco event ( biggest) 

Village master is the most crucial event to get portions and foods.

Viking quest gives you 10000 spins.

Pet tips 

 Upgrade them to get work that is required. They will offer you lesser work if you don’t upgrade them. Food is necessary for their activation.

Wheel and reward 

100 spins and 4.5 + coins with wheel 100+ coins if you don’t work for 8 days. But the tips will increase it to 15 coins + 100 spins in every 8 days. 

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