9 Ways To Chill In Bangalore And Spend Some Quality Time With Self

Spend Some Quality Time With Self

Best Place in Bangalore to Spend Time Alone

People seek company for every activity because they like to support and derive motivation from their friends, family or spouse but spending time with self is quite underrated too. You enjoy the company with others but when you are with yourself, you are not bounded in any social constraints. Being in solitude for a few hours makes one truly understand the definition of freedom and it’s quite liberating. Many professionals around the world spend to dine alone just to have a peaceful time when their mind is not boggling with everything that is important or just clutter. They need a moment to take a deep breath, relish the cuisine and feel happiness emerging from their soul reaching their heart. If you too want to have a few moments by yourself in the fast pace of cities like Bangalore, then here how you could do it seamlessly;

  • Dine Alone For A Day

Pick a meal of your choice and spend the time in your favourite restaurant while enjoying every bite and savouring the food that you love. Listen to music, read a magazine or just think while you spend some time there without a hurry.

  • Devour A Cake

Take advantage of the online cake delivery in Bangalore and order a cake of your choice and have a slice in peace. The most fun way to do it is to place a seating arrangement in your balcony or rooftop and enjoy the scrumptious flavour of the cake you ordered while looking out at the view.

  • Take A Hobby Class

An invite no partners! Pick up that dancing form you love so much and express yourself with some killer moves. You will love to be in the company of new people who know nothing about you. It will be like a fresh start to life.

  • Pack A Picnic

Arrange a picnic for yourself and go to a park whenever you think the weather allows you to. Spend some time watching others and reflecting your life from one end to the other. You will come to know a lot of things about yourself that you never realised before. If it helps, take a journal with you and write down your feelings and read the page later.

  • Shop Alone

You will be surprised how refreshing it could be! Just step out in the market and shop the way you like. You don’t have to fret how long you are taking to try out new clothes or to go to some other store where your friends want to be. You will have a much-needed quality time with yourself.

  • Journaling

If you don’t wish to spend outside, make yourself comfortable at home and try bullet journaling. Make it as creative as you want with colours, fine tips and whatnot. If it attracts your taste, you can keep it logged with just a single pen. Bullet journal should be customised to your needs and it binds your life in many unthinkable ways.

  • Stargaze

You might have come across a stargazing scene in a movie or T.V show but have you wondered why it is included in every other rom-com? It is that effective and you should try it out on the roof of your house only. Take a blanket and a pillow and rest you head pointing towards the sky at night. You will realise how peaceful and fulfilling it feels to look at the stars in the sky.

  • Read in A Cafe

Every once in a while, grab a book and head towards a local coffee to have a sip of your favourite latte or mocha coffee. Indulge into the words and find the pace of the moment that you have been looking for days. No one will disturb you with boring conversation and you will experience what spending time with yourself truly means.

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