Bugatti Chiron Prototype Becomes The World’s Fastest Production Car

Bugatti Chiron the Fastest Car in the World

Bugatti’s Record 304-MPH Bugatti Chiron the Fastest Car

Bugatti is known for its production of such fast and fierce cars that can tempt you to sell your car in Dubai. But recently the president of the company has made this announcement that the company won’t be producing any more cars which would break the world records in speed. But luckily it has just before this announcement that the company announced its, new production, the making of Chiron prototype which was a great success and a record breaker. When tested at the Ehra-Lessien test-track it broke all records by showing a top-speed of 304.772 kph.

Andy Wallace the Bugatti test-driver and the winner of ‘Le Mans’ car race, drove it and Bugatti Cheron became the first car to break the 300 mph barrier. So in the near future there are possibilities that we see the production of cars reaching the 400 mph speed barrier. It has been decided by the company that they would produce 30 units of this prototype, Bugatti Cheron Super Sport 300+. And this makes it the fastest production car in the world.

The new Chiron has the same horse-power as the recently released Bugatti Centodieci. It comes with an 8.0 quad turbo W16 power house which produces a hulking 1,578 hp. Naturally with such speed it cannot be driven on Dubai highways because of the speed-limits, which is why Bugatti gives you access to use its Ehra-Lessien test track. This car comes with a naked carbon fibre exterior and is decorated with magnesium wheels. You can get it in your favourite colour.

Though the car that came before this had a 304 mph mark and was a single seater with a roll cage, but this new production may have some different features. The new Chiron will come with a passenger seat but it won’t have any roll cage. With it you can give a good speed scare to your passenger, though you can get the roll cage as an add-on.
The Chiron Speed 300+ has a great performance but then this comes with a staggering price of $3.89 million. Unfortunately it might be the last car, with such fiery speed, to be produced by the company. According to the president of the company, the car has broken all records and has proven itself to be the fastest car, so now more attention and effort would be made to improve the other features of the car. More attention would probably be given to the areas of luxury and comfort.

With the production of only 30 units this car has become pretty exclusive. The car-lovers are almost drooling over this car but it might be a bit difficult to buy it even if you sell your carin Dubai. Though maybe someone would be able to get hold of one and buy it or get quotes.

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