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Best 7 Punjabi Singers in 21st Century | All Time Top Punjabi Singers

Few Punjabi Singers who are better than Bullet and Brands

When fitness has become the passion of every guy nowadays, how can our Punjabi singers stay behind? If we talk about one major connection between Parmish Verma, Ammy Virk, Hardy Sandhu, and Diljit Dosanjh, it would be their fitness mantra along with their innumerable fan following. All the Punjabi singers nowadays have great abs, which inspire their fans as well as to pursue work out and stay fit. Lets’ look at a few singers who are known to be an inspiration in terms of fitness:


  1. Parmish Verma: Parmish Verma is a Punjabi Munda from the royal city of Patiala. He got famous by the song ‘Gaal ni Kadni’ among youngsters. The song got million plus views on youtube. Not only his songs have made the youngsters his fans but his fitness regime has also been pretty famous. He has got a killer body which is worth praising. With only a few songs he has marked up his place in the singing industry of Pollywood.  If you are a fan of him and want to know more about him then read parmish verma biography here. Parmish Verma
  2. Diljit Dosanjh: Diljit started his journey from the song ‘Lakk 28’ and since then there is no looking back for the man. He has been giving great songs, movies, and his recent debut in Bollywood has been a big achievement for him. Diljit has never let his fans down. His fitness charm has inspired many guys to make a good physique by doing extreme work out. There is a lot to admire about him.Diljit Dosanjh
  3. Ammy Virk: With continuous hit songs like ‘Kismat’ and ‘Taara’, Ammy Virk has been the favourite singer of a large part of the youth. His acting in Bambughat and Nikka Zaildar has been worth praising. His jacked physique and strenuous workouts display how hard he has been working to keep his body fit.Ammy Virk
  4. Hardy Sandhu: Hardy Sandhu has been heartthrob for the females. He has been following arduous workouts for a long time and has got an awesome physique. His latest song ‘Naah’ has shown his sculpted body and gathered million plus views. If you are a fan of him and want to know more about him then read hardy sandhu biography here. Hardy Sandhu
  5. Babbal Rai: Known to be an ‘Australian Challa’, he has been the new face of Punjabi Film Industry. He spends a lot of time in the gym working out as he has a craze for developing a great physique. He has sung many good songs and has also acted in many movies. Babbal Rai
  6. Jassie Gill: Getting enough fame from the song ‘Laden’, Jassie Gill has worked very hard and transformed his body completely. His style works as a magnet and has an unmatchable fashion statement which makes the youth go crazy after him. His looks are super stylish with a nice hairstyle. Jassie Gill
  7. Ninja: Ninja has entered the industry with the songs ‘Aadat’ and ‘Channa Mereya’. He has struggled a lot before becoming successful. He is always happy about his hairstyle as it looks great and gives him a different look in his videos. He has got a great body with abs. His fans also dream of developing a body as Ninja has. NinjaPlease Read Other Fitness and Helth Related Posts As: MEDITATION AT OFFICE CAN BRING IMPECCABLE BENEFITS

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