Why there’s No Harm when a Doctor Says “Yes, I am a Python Coder”

But you should be Competitive…

Python is a preferred programming language for many analysts. It is easy to understand and execute a Python coding project if you have basic expertise in computing. OK, ok… so you have heard it a million times why Python is the must learn programming language of the year, decade, or century! But wait… Would you really believe its realistic applications? Like in Healthcare… and when doctors say they are learning programming, you ought to take this very, very seriously. Yes, Python is a good programming platform for the healthcare software development cycle.

In 2017, when Python took over PHP finally in five years of competition, it became a serious play among software development companies to vouch for this open source platform. In this article, we tell you how Python is so cool as an application and why any professional can opt to learn a Python Data Science course today.

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Python is Safe—and that’s why Doctors Love it!

If you are trying to figure out which is the safest and most secured coding platform, ask a doctor! No one would be able to tell you about the data privacy protocols offered by Python data science architecture.

Doctors are so skeptical about personal hygiene and they always want patients to respect hygiene. Same with data science! Doctors could take to Python as a course owing to the coding language’s industry recognized reputation as a secured platform when it comes to data privacy and data security.

Healthcare professionals often pose a question on how Python plays a key role in fast tracking the adoption of Machine Learning and AI applications for their operations! And yes, doctors find their own solutions here.


They take to coding themselves!

In which coding platform?

Python first, and then R!

How much time does it take to learn coding in Python data science?

Not more than 8 months if you put in the mandatory 4 hours a day to coding and execute the applications every week. Online course in Python definitely help to learn faster but if you can practice on live projects, the learning process is faster.

Can you really believe the results?

Yes, you should.

In fact, 94% of the Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in the healthcare industry (with the technology/ medical background) openly acknowledge how Python can actually make their Machine Learning Healthcare solutions better and more accurate. The seasoned doctors who provide much needed historical data and information on how patients react to healthcare solutions are taking to Python to fix the biggest challenge in Data Science  — How to automatically fix problems in healthcare solutions related to Predictive modeling, zero-variance columns and timestamps.

No clue what they are?

Ask a doctor who has done a Python Data Science online course for learning and engaging with data-related operations for Healthcare.

The best part about being a part of the open source community of Python experts from the healthcare industry is that it’s always growing. You can be part of it too!

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