What Entitlements Do I Get From 485 Visa Australia?

An Aussie lifestyle is a dream of many individuals who want to spend their life in a mesmerizing nation- Australia. This spectacular beauty of beaches and uncountable tourist destinations can make anyone’s day just by scrolling pictures all day and never get bored for a moment. It’s not just the beauty but the overall development on all fronts which makes this country a dream destination for not just travelers but job seekers and students.

In terms of students, Australia will disappoint no one with its world class educational institutes and their globally renowned curriculum, which will surely add flying colours to a sustainable career. To enter Australia as an International student, there are different visa subclasses which have a different purpose to solve and can help to spend time to live and study in Australia. For its international individuals, the Australian government of Australia has introduced temporary graduate visa 485, which allows extended time to students to work and study further after completing their studies. The 485 Graduate Visa permits International students who have completed their graduation studies from Australia from a recognised university to make them eligible for temporary living, working and studying in Australia. This visa comprises two streams:

  • Graduate Work-stream
  • Post-Study Work-stream

Graduate Work stream–This stream of visa is valid for 18 months. Curated for students who have done their studies previously from Australian recognised vocational education institutions and now aiming for doing further studies and earning opportunities in Australia.

Post-Study Work stream–This stream of visa is valid for 2 to 4 years, which majorly depends on last qualification. It’s valid for students who have completed their previous education from the Australian Academic Institution.

Benefits of Temporary Graduate Visa 485


Work and Study

It can’t get better than this? Studying and doing a job to support your education up to an extent or pocket money. Although it totally matters how much you can earn but is a handsome opportunity to kill the spare time, you get after your academic hours. You are eligible to work for 40 hours per two weeks and no limit when you are on breaks with the help of Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

Inclusion of Family Members

Through temporary graduate visa 485 applications, the applicants have the permission to include their partners, child/ step-child or their partner’s child/step-child. The inclusive member(s) need to follow the guidelines prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs, for instance, Health and Character requirements. If you are studying a Master’s course, even your partner gets full working rights to the job in Australia along with you.

Can emerge as a stepping stone towards Permanent Residency is Australia

Studying and then settling abroad is a dream of millions of students as not only it increases your goodwill in the eyes of society but also ensures you are witnessing great earning opportunities. The 485 Graduate visa can help you to permanent residency if you have worked in an organisation for 2 years and increase the points to get 494 visa.

What steps does an Individual need to avail a 485 graduate visa?


To avail the 485 visa and extend your duration of stay in Australia, an applicant needs to go through a series of processes to get the visa. The Department of Home Affairs has issued various assessments which are needed to be abide by the applicant.

Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)

To ensure that applicants can take care of their medical requirements, the applicants need to have OVHC cover for their entire time of stay in Australia. The applicants can avail the health cover from the organizations which are recognised according to DHA.

  1. English language Proficiency





The above mentioned exams and their scores are considered as an eligibility criteria to qualify the English language proficiency. It is a no- brainer that a candidate needs to be proficient in English for staying in Australia therefore, this assessment should be an essential priority as many of them get disqualified in this assessment.

  1. Proof of Academic Qualification


  1. To serve as a proof of their previous studies in Australia, students have to show completion letters of the respective courses they did in Australia.
  2. Their area of study or course must be enrolled in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students.


  1. Health and Character Requirements


To satisfy your character and health requirements to DHA, an applicant need to show reports of:

  • A signed approval application from your health insurance personnel or organisation.
  • Investigation report by Australian Federal Police.

Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 can ensure various benefits to individuals who are looking to extend their stay in Australia. We always know Australia as a country which is known for welcoming the migrants from all parts of the world with open arms and showering great studying and earning opportunities. It is a great idea to take consultancy from Migration Agent  Adelaide for successful chances of getting approval for a visa if you do not find comfortable with the series of processes and its steps.

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