Why Demand of aged care increasing tremendously in Australia

Vocational courses (Aged care) in Australia

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Vocational courses are the major segment which prepares the individuals for productive jobs which are essentially based on the practical as well as the manual activities.

Aged care courses being the essential part of the vocational courses serve to be the entry level qualification which would equip the prevailing skills among the individuals.

These are important because of the reason that these assists the elder ones with the segments of the personal care along with fulfilling the hygiene based needs, providing the individuals with the emotional as well as the social support.

It is much beneficial to the term that it helps people in maintaining independence for a better lifestyle.

The Ageing Population & growing demand for the Aged care services

Resulting from the aspect of high life expectancy and low fertility, the Australian population is determined to be having ageing for more than a century (ABS, 2014). Having the similarity with the other nations, the trend is determined to be catching the attention of the successive governments in the era. The aspect or the definition of the term ‘old age’ varies among the communities, individuals and the cultures. Majorly, the WHO considers the individuals above 65 years of age in the segment.

Though, these type of individuals acquires to around more than a quarter in the Australian region. Due to the same reason, there is determined huge demand in the economy for vocational education like that of the aged care.

Australia is having a disproportionate workforce of old aged care. Thus, it also terms to be the major challenge for both the community as well as the residential based service providers in the segment.

The high demand for the vocational courses is also determined due to the reason of a huge change in the preferences of the consumers in relation to the funding and designing of the aged care services.

According to the words of the Department of Health and Ageing, the need for vocational courses like that of the aged care is rapidly increasing. The major demand rests with the younger workforce and thus it results in better employment opportunities for the group.

Essentials for Employment in Aged Care (Vocational Courses)

The shaping of the aged care working is done by a huge number of the factors having the inclusion of the skills and the personal attributes of the workforce. Hence, the varied conditions or the essentials required to be considered for employment in the segment are like:

  • One should undergo the determination of the levels of the change in the settings of the aged care employment segment.
  • Employment flexibility is considered as the major ‘bones of contention’ among the employees and the employers in the aged care segment.
  • The arrangements of the working within the sector of the aged care have shifted from the casual contracts to that of predominant part time-based contracts.
  • The aspect of job satisfaction and job security in the aged care workers is relatively high and varies slightly between the varied occupational groups in the community and the residential facilities of aged care.

Career Opportunities in Aged care Sector in Australia

  • Community Services Manager
  • Assistant In Nursing
  • Support Worker – Aged & Disability Care
  • Facility Manager – Residential Care
  • Quality & Risk Manager
  • Residential Aged Care

Courses in Aged Care Segment

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing): This course would prepare you for gaining employment in the aged care industry at various posts. It is termed as the standard pathway or the qualification for undergoing personal care work. For the completion of the certificate 3 in Individual support course, an individual is required to deal with the physical demands in the personal care and undergo the demonstration of the real compassion towards the other individuals. The online Aged care courses in Perth have the essential inclusion of the 13 units in which 7 are the core units and the remaining 6 are the electives.
  • Certificate III in Individual Support – Double Specialization: Ageing, Home and Community: This course is delivered to the individuals in 13 units of the competency in which 7 rests to be the core and the else 6 are the electives. The course undergoes the following of the safe work practices for providing direct care to the clients. Individuals undergo legal and ethical working in the scenario. One would be much skilled by the course for having the determination of the healthy body systems.
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support: This course undergoes reflecting the role of supporting the workers in having the completion of the required functions and tasks in the aged care services. The working of the individuals gained with the qualification of the certificate 4 age care course is determined in the hospitals, communities and the residential segments. The course is delivered in 18 units to the learners.

Aged Care Gives Representation of “Social Product System”

Aged care segments rest with having a major concern in providing accurate care to the older Australians because the process of ageing impairs their ability to care for themselves. In the economy, the social system is determined to be the patterned network made of relationships that undergoes the constituting of the coherent which is among the individuals, groups and the varied institutions. Varied features which characterize directly the aged care services to be the social product system has the inclusion of the following:

  • Having the presence of varied organizations, funding instruments, governance arrangements, and incentive-based mechanisms.
  • Increased community expectations regarding the provision of the aged care services in Australia ( example: responsiveness, flexibility and in terms of access to the services)
  • The social value of the services undergoes the aspect of justifying the huge involvement of the Australian government in determining how the regulations are to be made and to whom the services are to be provided along with the charge for the services.
  • Determining the high degree of direct contact among the clients and the providers of the aged care services.

Heavyweights demand of the Aged Care: A need for the Vocational courses

The huge demand for the services of the aged care results to the huge need for the professionals in the field who should undergo the vocational training courses in the segment and gain the required skills. The dynamic change in the requirements of the jobs in the field results to the major demand for the vocational courses. More than a quarter of the individuals are in the old age segment in the region which majorly undermines the need and the tremendous demand for the aged care in the Australian economy. Enrolling in the learning of the vocational courses would boost up the skills and the knowledge required in the field.

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