A Teacher: The Source of Inspiration

My teacher - My inspiration

Teachers are the Source of Inspiration

A teacher undeniably plays the most prominent role in one’s life.  A teacher is a person who helps the students to learn, understand and acquire knowledge. A teacher’s crucial responsibility is to provide knowledge, inspiration and encourage the students to follow their dreams and creative thoughts, the teacher’s also helps a student to build a strong moral character and provides emotional support and strength to believe in oneself.

A famous quote states “Teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions”. If students are interested in a way to give back and help their society, becoming a teacher is the best way. We have courses such as B.Ed courses and M.Ed courses.

It is important for a teacher to connect with the students and have a healthy student-teacher relationship. A teacher should also be a friend and should take responsibility for grooming the student with love, warmth, and care. The most difficult challenge teachers face is to understand the learning abilities of every individual student, as each student is different with different learning abilities, memory, grasping and concentration level, a teacher needs to understand the requirement of each student and help them overcome their difficulties and grow.  There are different subjects such as psychology, guidance, counseling, and holistic education, etc that are covered under B.Ed courses that teach how to handle the student in a proper manner.

There are many colleges and universities that offer these courses, the eligibility criteria for these courses is graduation with 50-55% of aggregate or clear the entrance exam. There are different entrance exams for admission in B.Ed courses such as IPU-CET, DU B.Ed, IGNOU B.Ed, and HPU B.Ed. There are many colleges that offer their own entrance exams for admission. IPU-CET (Indraprastha University Common Admission Test) that is conducted in the month of May, DU B.Ed (Delhi University B.Ed entrance exam) that is conducted in the month of June.

There are multiple competitive exams conducted in order to provide jobs for the students in the B.Ed and M.Ed programs such as Central Teaching Eligibility Test is commonly known as CTET, Teachers Eligibility Test also known as TET entrance exam, State Level Eligibility Test known as SLET and Trained Graduate Teacher(TGT) Exam.

SLET is a State Level Eligibility Test that is conducted by all the states in India in the English language. Candidates who pass the exam are eligible to apply for the post of lecturer within the State Commission. Central Teaching Eligibility Test is conducted by the CBSE Board to be eligible to teach in the schools of the Central Government of India. The qualified candidates of CTET can apply for jobs in Central Government Schools as KVS, NVS and other schools that are under administrative control.

As a potter molds the clay, a teacher molds the students into an engineer, doctor, and entrepreneur. So it is very important to make sure that the students who will be going to teach the future generation are well trained and go through tests in order to maintain the quality of education and improve further and make changes hence these exams are conducted.

From ancient times, the teachers have been playing a major role in our society. In Indian Culture, the teachers are considered equivalent to gods. A teacher influences the life and character of their students, gives them hope, value, and inspiration to follow their dreams. A teacher creates and mindful of imagination and dreams and also encourages them to pursue their team. Teachers are one of the biggest strengths in the student’s life who not only give them knowledge but also teach the value of life, morals to make them a better human being.

A good teacher knows how to bring out the best the students, help them recognize their potential and reach the maximum of their potential. A good teacher defends his students against their own personal influences and guides them to the right path. Teachers have a gift of giving, as once said by Charles Kuralt “When we become a really mature, grown-up, wise society, we will put teachers at the center of the society, where they belong. We do not honor them enough, we do not pay them enough”.

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