Tips for Success on SAT Test Day

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Last Minute SAT Tips for a Successful Test Day

Everyone’s terrified of exams and the SAT exam is no different. We all know the tips for the preparation of the exam, including solving loads of question papers, starting the preparation well in advance, etc. But sometimes, we forget to talk about what we’re supposed to do on the day of the test. Well, everyone needs some basic tips for that too, before your anxiety tires you out to the extent of you not wanting to give the test at all.

Along with knowing how to prepare for the SAT, you must also know a few test day tips to fully be prepared for the SAT.

SAT Test Day tips:

Here we share some tips to help you ace the SAT on your test day.

1. Sleep well and sleep smart

As you must have heard your parents say all the time, you must get proper 8-hour sleep. If you sleep for less than those many hours, you will certainly feel lousy and this will only lead to too much intake of caffeine. This is certainly not good for your health. Also make sure you don’t oversleep because if you do so, you will end up feeling more sleepy than ever.
Along with maintaining a time duration, you must also try to wake up earlier than you usually do. Going straight to give the test from your bed is not a good idea.

2. Hunger pangs are not good

It’s probably not the best idea to skip your meals on the day of the SAT exam. You must make sure that you have eaten enough to not be hungry for the 4 hours that you’ll be sitting in the exam hall.

3. Your on-day checklist

Carrying all the essential documents to give the exam is a necessity. Here is a list of things you must remember to carry for the SAT exam:

  • Admission Ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Calculator
  • Watch
  • Water and snacks

4. Instructions

Read all the instructions on how to answer every question properly. There have been many instances of wrong answers due to improper following of instructions. Make sure you do as directed. Also, knowing the general instructions by heart beforehand can prove to be of great help.

5. Guesswork

Unlike some exams, the SAT does not penalize you for marking the wrong answer. Therefore, if you are not sure about an answer, take a guess and mark it. If you have difficulties in guessing an answer, first, cross out the answers that you think are wrong. Then try to find common points between all the remaining options. Whichever one fits closest to the question is your answer.

6. Last-minute revision

Do not leave any chance for revision right before the test. Whatever needs to be completed, must be done the night before. But that does not mean that you should overdo it the night before. Keep calm and just go through things without panicking. If you do a lot just one night before the exam, you might end up forgetting everything. This will add to the panic in addition to you not being fresh enough to give the test.

7. Cross-checking


It is always a good idea to cross-check your work. It removes all room for mistakes that could have been caused by simple overlooking of keywords, or some silly calculation mistakes. Don’t panic if you don’t have enough time to verify your answers. Just make sure you read everything carefully from the current question onwards, and try to ensure that you don’t commit simple errors.

8. Skipping a question

What will you do when you know how to arrive at the answer to a question but for some reason, you just can’t? Well, your best bet will be to skip that question. You don’t want to be spending 10 minutes doing only one question and then suddenly realizing that you don’t have enough time to solve the remaining ones. All questions in SAT carry equal weight, and therefore, you can come back to the question you are stuck on, after solving all the other questions.

That was all about last day tips for the SAT exam. Hope you keep them in mind before sitting for the test. Also, as the rule for every exam goes, DON’T PANIC! It’s okay to get the nerves right before sitting down on a bench to attempt the paper. But don’t let it get to you. All the best!

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