Study in France for Indian Students – Education Fundamentals

France for Indian students

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Every Year, more and more students for India are choosing to study in France. With quality education, affordable tuitions and not so strict IELTS rules, it is no surprise. If you are an Indian students looking forward to Study in France, here is all you need to know before you start the application process:

Education System and Universities in France:

French Follows bologna process of the education system which follows the internationally accepted qualifications of the bachelor’s, Master’s and the doctoral studies. From May 2019, the French and Indian government has signed and MoU to recognize each other’s qualifications as equivalent to their own. This is particularly a good news for the Indian students, as the bachelor’s degree would be recognized by the French universities as their Licenses Degree, the High school diploma as the baccalaureate, and so on.

Coming to the universities, the French universities are some of the most prestigious universities in the world and not only Europe. 35 of the universities of France appear in the top universities in the world by the QS University Rankings. For the Indian students who want the best of the universities at the affordable tuition fees. Talking about the Affordability:

Affordable Tuition Fees and other Living Costs:

France has always been known for the affordable tuition fees, even for the most prestigious, top ranked universities. The tuition fees at the public universities are next to nothing for French and EU students. There are tuition fees for Indian, and other international students though. Looking at the bright side, compared to the other European destinations like United Kingdom, the fees are still pretty affordable for the quality of the education students will get. For Bachelor’s degree, the fees are 2770 euros a year, and for the Masters, it is 3770 euros/year.

Now, living in the cities of the France is not affordable. Especially Paris is infamous for being costly for the international students. The stories however, are not entirely true. When you move a little away from the Paris, and other metropolitan areas, the accommodation and day to day expenses start to get lower and lower. With student discounts, public transports and shared apartments, it can be brought even lower.

Applying At a University for Indian Students:

The Application Process to a university is extremely straightforward. The student have to go to the university website, choose the course he wants to study and apply for it. One student can apply for the multiple universities, although some of them have the application fees. Along with the filled application form, you will need some of the supporting documents like:

  • A valid Passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Previous Education certificates, Translated in French
  • Receipt of the Application Fees
  • Cover Letter
  • Language Proficiency Proof
  • Previous Academic Transcripts
  • Monetary Proof of the Funds

There is can also be a video interview for the English language proficiency instead of tests like IELTS.

Student Long Stay Visa in France for Indian Students

For the long Stay Student Visa in France (VLS-TS), the first step is to fill the online application of “Campus France India”. Campus France is the entity for the addressal of international students to French Universities. Once the application has been filled, there is a process to book the appointment for a face to face interview with Campus France India. After the interview and the submission of the documents, Campus France will issue an NOC for the student, and student can now book an appointment with VFS, Visa Facilitation Services nearest to him or her. There has to be a gap of 2 to 3 days between the Campus France process and VFS process. After the VFS interview and filing, the student will receive Visa in 15 working days.

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