How do we Prepare for the PTE Exam at Home?

PET Exam Preparations at Home


When you have decided to take the PTE exam, that means you have to give the proof of the competency of the English language competency. Attend regular PTE online coaching classes at and take part in PTE mock test free online with score session to keep track of your performance.

About the Test Format

Before taking any test, it is essential to know everything about the test, such as test format, testing skills and marks scoring. PTE test is a computer-based test for determining the proficiency of language and has a proper structure. The PTE test consists of four primary skills such as Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, by dividing them into four sections. You can go for PTE mock test free online with score option of

Adhere to the following factors in the PTE Test

  • Time

Time is a vital factor in the PTE test. For most of the questions, the specific timer is present, and the other questions collectively have a time-limit where you need to do the time management. You need to answer the asked question within time frame else you will lose the marks. PTE online coaching session can help you in managing the time.

  • Negative Marking

The second vital factor of PTE exam is negative marking. There are few questions in the PTE test, and your marks will get deducted if you give a wrong answer. So, you only submit your answer when you are sure that your answer is correct.

  • Scoring Pattern

The scoring pattern also acts as a vital factor in the PTE test. You need to understand that examiner will judge you for the English language skills. Therefore, they will check your enabling and communicative skills. PTE exam evaluates your skills in an integrated manner by using some patented software and technologies. PTE mock test free online with score classes can help you in understanding the scoring pattern.

Look for the appropriate platform to score high in PTE

When you get to know the primary factors of the PTE exam, you need to look for the proper platform, methods, and tools. These help in starting your PTE test preparation. A platform such as PTE mock test designed for empowering self-study. PTE online coaching at PTE mock test helps because of PTE mock test free online with score sessions.

  1. Online accessibility

PTE online coaching session is cloud-based, and you can access it easily. Therefore, you can do the PTE mock test free online with score practice anytime and anywhere.

  1. Sample Questions and Model Answers

You can start your preparation with the PTE mock test to understand the PTE exam format. By practicing the mock test, you can get a clear view on how to answer the PTE exam questions.

  1. Complete Practice Tests

There are various intensive PTE mock test free online with score available at our website. You can go for the PTE online coaching session to know how to give an appropriate response to the PTE test questions. You can also know about the scoring pattern.


Not only these, but PTE mock test offers us a variety of features such as PTE online coaching, essential video tutorials, and organized self-study plans can positively impact our preparation and see the results. So, without wasting much time, just visit  and start the self-study for PTE test.

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