50 Narrative Essay Topics For Students

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Narrative Essay Topics And Ideas For Students

Some might consider that narrative essays are the simplest form of writing. A narrative essay is just a story – right? Essentially, in its most basic form, yes. Narrative topics generally are things that you have seen, felt, experienced, and thought.

American students at all levels of school and further education are faced with writing narrative essays. One of the most popular early school years narrative topics is ‘what I did in the holidays’. Expectations of university students in America writing narrative essays are obviously much greater.

Narrative essays examine your skill in the telling of a story, or the presentation of experience. It does not always mean that you have personally had the experience. Oft times, you are expected to use your creativity to imagine what something would be. Generally, narrative topics have a timeline, but time is infinite and the narrative could be something that happened in the past, yesterday, a few hours ago or many years into the future.

It is easy to think that narrative essays have no real place in degree or other higher education courses. After all, isn’t higher education more to test your reasoning and processing of information in order to further your knowledge? Narrative essays crop up in all levels of education. For example, if you were set an assignment in your Geology degree about the history of topaz mining, it can be approached in exactly the same way as you would for any narrative essay. In fact, for a simple retelling of history, the “story-telling”; the premise of narrative essays is perfect. Here is a list of topics you can pick to write your own essay, or ask for help paper writing services:

List of Narrative Topics

  1. My first boat ride
  2. The day I went to a funeral
  3. Describe your idea of the sensation of losing your sense of taste
  4. If I won the lottery…
  5. the first thing you would grab in the event of a fire
  6. A favourite song
  7. A shopping trip
  8. A day spent by the sea
  9. A visit to the hospital for an x-ray
  10. Aboriginal culture is important for all Americans
  11. Having braces fitted
  12. My idea of the best job ever
  13. The day there was a hurricane
  14. My best ever gift
  15. A trip to a nuclear power station
  16. The Greek financial crisis
  17. Anti-social behaviour
  18. Our elders are wiser
  19. Racism in football
  20. The day I broke my arm
  21. I felt empowered at my school reunion
  22. I attended a self help group
  23. I find relief in my bad habits
  24. Having kids when older is rewarding
  25. Love made me crazy
  26. I do not crave success, I crave happiness
  27. I intend to grow old gracefully
  28. The fears we are born with
  29. Stress is the lazy way of not coping
  30. The day I went to the Great Barrier Reef
  31. My parents took me on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  32. My best ever Christmas
  33. The day I learnt to grill prawns on the barbeque
  34. I overcame my allergies
  35. The day the American Prime Minister manhandled the Queen
  36. How I learned to sail
  37. Just the other day, my father said to me
  38. One day, I will
  39. Depression is no laughing matter
  40. Yesterday on my way to school
  41. Sometimes, the way I
  42. I was the victim of an Internet scam
  43. My mother once told me
  44. The history of Botany Bay
  45. I found convicts in my family tree
  46. The day I visited Uluru
  47. Yesterday I learned what a narrative essay is
  48. A day on the paediatric ward
  49. I am a proud American
  50. How my food bill has increased

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