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learning the english

How to Learn English: The Ultimate Guide

Learning a new language is always a good idea because not only does it make you able to communicate with new people but it also gives you a competitive edge in career choices and helps you to view things from an entirely different perspective. Every language of the world has its own backgrounds and history and a strong culture reference. Learning one will broaden the way you look at the world and the people and it will also help you to become a good listener. It also makes your mind active but the real question is out of all the 6,500 languages in the world, why should a person learn English? Here are a few main reasons why any person should first learn English before learning any other language:

The official language in 53 countries

The first and foremost reason why English is an important language to learn is that it’s the only language that is spoken all around the world. It’s the official language in more than 53 countries. 400 million people consider English as their first language. To communicate with these people and to improve it, it’s necessary to learn English. If you travel to countries in Europe or America, people there only converse in English that’s why you need to know how to speak this language correctly.

Second main language

If not the first official language it surely is the second language in the entire world. Especially if you are traveling to third world countries like India and countries like China, it’s important that you know how to speak English. You cannot learn all 6500 languages in the whole world but you can learn to speak that one language that is the most widely spoken language in the world.

Competitive career edge

You might have seen in Job descriptions how they want employees who know how to converse fluently in English. English is the official medium in every organization. Organizations are becoming more international day by day and nearly every business conducts its meeting and other official matters in this language. If you want to avail the best paid opportunity, learning this dialect is imperative because it’s the language of science, computers, diplomacy and tourism.

Makes travelling easier

As mentioned above, this medium ranks in the worlds second widely spoken language. Hence, if you happen to learn it, it means that it will make traveling easier for you. For example, everywhere from airplane announcements to train timetables and emergency related queries and street signs are often all represented in English. If you do not know how to speak the native language of the country you are in, you are guaranteed to find someone who does know and understand English.

The common language in Media

One platform that unites every individual all around the world is the media which also includes the television or the internet. And these platforms use one common language that is English. Everything ranging from the newspaper, radio to magazines uses English as their mode of communication so that they can be heard internationally. It’s important that you know how to speak English because even all the popular movies are done in this dialect and if you want to have access to everything in this world, then this is the most essential thing you will learn.

Gives you many new experiences

Learning this will help you grow as a person and open your mind for many new adventures and experiences. You will get to learn about many new cultures because almost every culture includes English as their second language and in this way you will get to know new values, habits and traditions.

More academic opportunities

Since its spoken all around the world, it’s also the official language in all the schools and universities. Many major programmers are being offered. If you teach yourself this dialect then you will open many doors of opportunities for yourself according to your academic needs and you can also offer many assignment writing service too.


In short, the above mentioned are some of the main reasons why one should learn the English language because it’s not only a popular platform but it’s also fun learning it and making progress in it will give you a different satisfaction.

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