Know About Which Visas Can Help You Work in Australia After Graduation

After completion of studies and their respective courses, many international students plan further to stay in Australia. Reasons may vary for individuals as some aim for higher studies for adding relative skills according to their expertise or some look forward to getting a job in their desired Industry. Australia is known as one of the most preferred places by foreign nationals as not only its dream tourist destination but also known for its higher standard of living. This is the reason it is home to many international students from all around the world as they get an equal amount of opportunity to study and get plenty of lucrative offers after completion of studies. Australia is known for showcasing the requirements of foreign working individuals in diverse Industries as there are plenty of Industries which welcome the international talent with open arms and pay them extensively well compared to foreign nationals.


To live in Australia after completion of graduation, there are multiple types of visa which are issued by the Department of Home Affairs and every visa has a different purpose to solve for its Individuals. As every individual has a different purpose according to its job, it’s become complex task to know the different visas and how it can help its applicants most appropriately. Many students take help from , immigration services Adelaide as they have expertise in understanding all types of visas. Below you can find the information on different visas and how it can be useful for its applicants.

Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa


This visa has two streams. Namely,


Graduate Workstream

Temporary graduate visa 485 is designed for international students who have recently graduated with skills and capabilities to the specific occupations Australia needs. It allows you to live, study and work in Australia for a temporary basis for 18 months. The applicants are also allowed to bring their family to Australia with this visa.


Post-Study Workstream


This visa is created for International students who have completed their degree courses from a genuine Australian Institute. It allows you to live, work and study in Australia for 2 to 4 years.


Subclass 402 Visa


This visa allows an international student to stay in Australia if he/she is sponsored for training, research and development for a temporary basis. This visa has three different streams, namely:

1 Occupational Trainee Stream – For workplace-based or skill enhancement training

2 Professional Development Stream–For enhancing professional and management skills

3 Research Stream- For conducting research and observation


Occupational Trainee stream: 2 Years

Professional Development stream: 1.6 Years or 18 months

Research stream: 1 Year or 12 months

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (Subclass 487)

This type of visa is designed for the ones who are aiming to gain a temporary residence in Australia for 3 years followed by permanent residency after completing 2 years in Australia. Their relatives should sponsor the applicants or by the regional or territorial authority. To avail this visa, an applicant needs to score 65 points because of its application and records he/she produces to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia.

Skilled Regional visa (Subclass 887)


 This visa allows the applicant to apply for permanent residency who have previously worked and stayed in Australia. This visa showers benefits to its applicants like

  • To live in Australia permanently
  • To enrol for education and do a job with no limitation.
  • Register themselves for Australia’s all-inclusive health care
  • A golden opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship.


885 – Skilled – Independent (Residence) Visas


This visa permits International students who have finished their course in Australia and holders of temporary visas to apply for permanent residency. An applicant doesn’t need sponsorship to apply for this visa. There are some conditions which are needed to abide by the applicant such as


  • Be under 45 years old
  • Understand the English language
  • Possess the skills and qualifications which come under skilled occupation list and should be classified under

      a.60 point occupation

  1. 50 point occupation
  • Have completed 2 years of study in Australia.

The above visas are designed for International students according to their preference and category. The visa types are developed to make sure that students can easily understand the criteria and how it will help them. If you are planning to stay in Australia after the completion of your studies and aiming for a sustainable career, this visa might ease your way to stay in Australia. There are many students who are not familiar with the visa policies due to their busy academic life or other priorities for which Immigration Agent Adelaide or student visa Adelaide can prove to be a pleasant way to clear all the obstacles for staying in Australia. An applicant can take their help and make his/her life easy.

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