All You Need To Know About Student Visa 500

Visa Subclass 500

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What is Visa Subclass 500?

Student visa 500 is a special type of visa which allows a person to stay in Australia up to 5 years to study in an educational institute. This is a golden chance for all those students who want to pursue their studies in Australia and their visa will stay long till their course complete but as said good things come with restrictions, so there are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled before applying for Subclass Visa 500

Eligibility criteria of student visa 500

There are certain criteria given which student needs to fulfill in order to be successful in granting visa:

  1. One needs to be enrolled in any educational institution in Australia and they need to present some documents related to their enrollment.
  2. One needs to submit the documents related to their economic conditions in the home country. The document can be anything bank account statements or anything which reflect your status.
  3. Person should have at least AUD$19,830 to cover their 12-month expense and another AUD$6,940 if a person is accompanied by a spouse.
  4. One needs to clear any English proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and needs to score satisfactory marks.
  5. One needs to scale through GTE(genuine temporary entrant). It is a process which is used to validate student intentions that one is here only for study purpose and have no intention to get a permanent residency in Australia.
  6. One should hold a temporary visa if a person is applying for a student visa from Australia. There is a certain temporary visa which you hold can cancel your grant of student visa 500. Some of them are:-

Domestic worker visa 426

Temporary work visa 403

Diplomatic work visa 995

Transit visa 771

Visitor visa subclass 600

Conditions to Obey after Visa Grants

Person needs to obey some conditions if get visa subclass 500 successfully

Condition 8105

If you are registered for course then the person is not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week

Condition 8202

One needs to maintain enrolment in a full-time study course.

Conditions 8501

Person needs to maintain their overseas health insurance as provided by OSHC.

Condition 8533

If a person is from outside Australia then one need to inform their educational institution about their residential address within 7 days of joining the course.

Condition 8516

This means the person who is the main applicant must maintain all the conditions of visa means a person should maintain adequate finance to complete their education.

This is all about Visa 500. Hope now you will have a better understanding of this topic.

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