Is Education The Key To Development?

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Education is believed to be the biggest key to civilisation. It is said that the education and literacy level determine the growth of the country.

How Are Education And Development Linked?

Just like assignment writing and exams are linked the same way Education and development are also linked with each other in a great way.

It is often said that educate a man, and he will develop himself. Development in any specific field has a very less scope without education.

For both men and women, education is mandatory only then will they be able to make the most out of their lives. It is proved that educated women have lower fertility and child mortality rates, and the nutrition level of the children are higher than those of uneducated women.

It is often said that educating girls’ is the most significant investment a country can make even if they don’t enter the labor force. Educating a woman can lead to the overall development of the nation because if we want to make our country secure then lets first make our mothers and sisters strong and then automatically the nation will be strong.

How does Education help In Molding The Individual?


Education plays a very big role in building the personality of an individual. And you can easily make out the difference between a literate and an illiterate. A person who is educated has a different vision for life, and he believes in making the most out of it, he has some aims in life which he wants to accomplish by hook or by crook.

Whereas uneducated people are aimless and clueless, they don’t really know what they want from their life. For them, everything is the same, and they have no zeal for making things better.

A literate person has etiquette and soberness; also, the way they treat the fellow beings is entirely different from the illiterate people. The way an educated person looks at life and understands his responsibilities towards the community is far different and far better from the uneducated ones.

All these qualities can easily make us spot the differences between an educated and an uneducated person. Uneducated people are only a burden on society, and we cannot expect any productive things from them.

Whereas educated people are a total asset to society and you can be sure of some contribution to the community from their behalf.

How Illiteracy Impacts The Society

Illiteracy has some very bad effects on society. Several issues in the community have taken place because of the low literacy level

Poverty: When people are uneducated they don’t have earning sources; as a result, they suffer from low incomes and poverty. Many issues like Bad Health, Starvation, etc. occur due to poverty.

Unemployment: Low literacy level is the most significant cause behind unemployment. Since people aren’t educated enough, they don’t have jobs, and they don’t have any source of income because even for the smallest job it is mandatory to clear some defined level of education.

To sum all of it, we can say that low education level results in low development and this has an adverse effect on everything and everyone. Together we all can contribute a little towards it.

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