4 Things You Should Know About Investment Banking Career

Investment Banking Career

Investment banking helps in developing and progressing of capital for an individual or an organization, corporation, institution etc. It may be government or private. This is known as ‘undertaking’.

They also provide complete consultancy or advisory services for both investors and companies or buyers and sellers about business. This is known as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advisory services.

Who Is An Investment Banker?

An investment banker is basically a corporate financial advisor. They help and guide their clients, act as a financial consultant with M&A, generate revenues in a well-going capital market.

Education Advise To Become An Investment Banker:

  • Bachelor’s Degree:

Investment bankers may belong to a variety of backgrounds but good basics of mathematics is the essential key factor to become an investment banker then a bachelor’s degree is required in finance, accounting, mathematics etc.

A fresh graduate starts as an analyst, other training and internship programs can introduce them the risk management, market, Statement analysis, financial modelling, principal of accounting, negotiation, communication and presentation skills.

  • Masters Of Business Administration (MBA):

MBA in finance or in financial mathematics would be a great choice to have a career in investment banking.

  • Relevant Certifications And Courses For Investment Banking:

There are several other courses that a banker can learn during his career to improve his skills and to be a better investment banker.

There are different institutions that offer different courses around the world to enhance and improvise your skills regarding investment banking and finance, every course contains its own specifications, syllabus, duration etc.

  • 4 Things You Should Know About Investment Banking Career:

1. It is a challenging field: Working and surviving in the investment banking field is definitely no piece of cake. One needs to be resilient to be able to work in investment banking.

2. There’s plenty of international opportunities: This field is definitely not restricted by geographical boundaries and one opportunity can find work in investment banking internationally too.

3. You need to have a solid knowledge of finances: Even if you don’t get a degree in finance, you still need to have strong financial knowledge. Investment banking courses from top institutions will help you gain the same.

4. You need to build professional networks: Building networks is an important part of the investment banking career. If you already have this skill then it’s great. But if you don’t, it is an important skill you need to develop if you wish to pursue a career in investment banking. 

Some Skills That Need To Be Polished

  • Presentation and communication skills need to be best for an Investment banker because his primary job is to convince people.
  • Analytical skills are a plus for investment bankers because their work is to prepare a detailed analysis of business investment plans.
  • Intellectual abilities may fasten the work while working in the industry.

Salaries And Benefits:

A rough sketch of salary range for a fresh graduate or an intern starts from 60,000 and exceeds with experience and promotions. Highest ranks for an investment banker can be a vice president and then a managing director or partner.

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