Ideas And Resources That Can Make Your Child Care Center Stand Out

child care marketing

Parents now have more questions to ask when it comes to choosing early education programs. It’s because they are more informed now. They know more about available curriculum choices. Parents demand quality services. For them, quality is more important than convenience. They want to work with child care centres having something special to offer. 

This is why a marketing plan for a child care centre can make a big difference. It is the marketing that makes your voice heard.

Regulatory compliance, rising costs of staffing and there is a lot to combat. A proper marketing plan for child care centre can lower the risk of rising costs.

Child care centre marketing is all about communicating your approach and creating awareness. However, not all centres are good at marketing. Though starting and running a child care centre is easier and cheaper than ever. 

Parents Are Now Showing More Interest 

It is an investment and this is the reason why parents are more interested. They know that high-quality early education is important. It has an impact on current and future learning outcomes. So, as a child care centre owner, you have to be passionate about your approach, curriculum and process. This is something parents also want to know. How passionate you are and what special you have to offer. Parents understand the value of early education. However, they cannot make choices easily. Help them. 

What Makes You Different?  

You need to communicate your values and show your process. Give them confidence. Show how your process nurtures learning growth because the ability to learn is the foundation for academic success. Parents can access high volume information. So, it is difficult to get on their radars. You have to be proactive. Even when you have great services to offer, if it requires to rope in a third party expert for the marketing plan, do it. 

Best Practices 

Following are a few ideas for building awareness in your community: 

  1. Host an event 
  2. Promote whenever you communicate 
  3. Engage on social media 
  4. Encourage referrals 
  5. Keep on educating 
  6. Work on networking

Host An Event 

If you have started offering services in a new area, you should try hosting an event. Let your new community know that you are there. It can be an arts fair or an open house. Families can see your place and at the same time, spend some quality time in your facility. If you have already been offering your services, host an event to build your credentials. 

Promote Whenever You Communicate 

See every communication as an opportunity. Promote your business whenever and wherever possible. Include the name of your business in the official emails of your team members. 

Engage on Social Media 

Contributing to online social media conversations is one of the most effective child care marketing strategies. You can use different social media channels to reach parents. Social media is a tool that is becoming more and more powerful. You must have a Facebook page for your child care centre. Use your Facebook page to keep the community informed on events and key dates. You can tell parents when your school is going to start and so on. Parents can share this information with other parents. You can also use social media to create a voice and a brand by writing and sharing articles. 

Encourage Referrals  

Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools. Following are the two aspects:

  1. Are your customers communicating your value? 
  2. Are your customers mentioning you? 

Use social media and other online platforms to communicate your message accurately. Do it in a way that parents are also accurately carrying your message. Here are some ideas that can make your clients advocate your business. 

  1. You can offer a reward.
  2. You can raise your profile. 
  3. You can do something memorable. 

Keep on Educating 

If you follow a philosophy or have a curriculum, share it with parents. Educate parents on the benefits of play based learning. You can use a blog to educate parents and build credibility. In addition to starting your own blog, you can use other ideas such as guest blogs, magazines or newspapers and joining professional organizations. 

Work On Networking 

Networking is an important part of child care marketing. You can join local mother-to-be or parenting groups to get connected with parents.

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