9 Extremely Useful Educational Websites for College Students

Educational Websites for College Students

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Best Useful Websites for College Students

Being a college student is not easy because you have to juggle multiple responsibilities and often feel overwhelmed with the amount of coursework you have to complete to earn your degree. But today’ students are lucky because they can take advantage of the internet technologies and order cheap essay writing assistance online to relieve stress and get better grades. And not only that. There are plenty of useful websites and apps that make student life easier and help them navigate their higher education. Here is a list of the most helpful websites for college students.

EdX is a massive MOOC learning platform where everyone can get access to more than 2000 free online courses from 140 top universities, for example, Berkeley University of California, Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, and more. It’s great that many courses are self-paced and you can study when you have time. Learners can get certificates after they successfully complete courses for an additional small fee.

Wolfram Alfa is a computational knowledge engine that you can use to find answers to lots of questions. This great tool uses external data and advanced algorithms to compute answers to users’ questions and generate reports for them. The resource is very popular among students and professionals and covers a lot of topics in different fields of study, including math, physics, engineering, chemistry, data analysis, Earth sciences, astronomy, and more.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia created by volunteers from all around the world. Although we can’t consider this website to be a source of reliable information because it can be edited by anyone at any time, the information is backed by reliable external secondary sources. You can use this website to get familiar with basic facts about an unknown topic and find lots of relevant, reliable sources for further research. Wikipedia can be a starting point for investigation when you need to write essays and term papers and can save you a lot of time doing preliminary research.

TED Talks is a great resource with inspirational and motivational videos covering a wide range of interesting topics in the fields like business, technology, science, global issues, education, design, art, culture, social change, innovation, health, and more. These engaging presentations were filmed during independent TEDx events, TED conferences, and other programs. The goal of these powerful talks presented by speakers from all around the world is to spread ideas that can change our world for the better. There are transcripts in 110 languages, so the talks can inspire people living in different countries of the world who don’t speak English.

Purdue OWL is a website for those who want to learn the art of academic writing. You can find tons of free writing resources and material related to different aspects of general writing and the writing process. You can find advice on how to write an essay’s introduction and conclusion, create a specific and strong thesis statement, edit and proofread a completed paper, and more. Besides, you will find useful information on how to properly cite and paraphrase sources to avoid plagiarism. You will also find here APA and MLA citation style guides.

Audible is a website that gives you a unique opportunity to listen to the large selection of audio versions of books and original podcasts without any ads. You can download an app and listen to them anywhere and anytime. There is a free trial for 30 days, which gives users access to one audiobook.

TalkTyper is free speech to text software. If you don’t like typing, this tool can save you a lot of time. It recognizes words and allows users to create texts for any purpose – blog posts, emails, documents, tweets, outlines of your essays, and more. You can edit the text if it’s necessary and then copy it and paste into your document.

Top Universities is a good place for starting research for the perfect university if you want to study abroad. This website works like a search engine, and you can search according to your needs by destination, the field of study, level, or the subject of your interest. Students can also find the best schools by country and learn about their ranking to make an informed decision. There are resources for school applications, scholarships, career planning, studying abroad, and more.

Healthline is a website that provides health advice and medical information on a wide range of topics. Staying healthy in college is crucial for the success of your academic career so students can use this website to get some tips for a healthier lifestyle and nutrition. They offer engaging and informative content about physical and mental health issues and medication. It’s also a great source of the latest health news about emerging research and treatment of different diseases. You can find workout ideas and nutritious recipes as well.

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