12 Education Study Websites for College & University Students

Education Study Websites for Students

Must-Check Websites for College & University Students

As a college student, you are 100% constantly on your phone or laptop. Now you surf the web trying to find the best site to approach with your “Please, write my college essay” request, and the next moment you’re googling some of the best apps to boost your productivity. Using technology to help you out in college or university is a great idea! Here is a list of the best websites and apps that will keep you on track in the academic world.


If you want to describe the life of a college student using only two words, then make sure to choose “broke” and “overstressed.” Dozens of items are costly, and all college students should be aware of where the most generous discounts can be found. UNiDAYS is one of the best sources when it comes to student discounts. The website informs you about the specific discounts that are available at Levi’s, ASOS, Expresses, Apple, and so on.

  • Self-Control

Feel free to download Self-Control on Mac, and provide the application with the list of the websites that distract you. The app will block each of those in order to let you get that essay done finally.

  • Rainy Mood

Are you trying to prepare for the exam or write that book review for tomorrow? Are you struggling with the dozens of distractions? It’s time to put on Rainy Mood! The app will block the background distracting noises, but what is more important, it is not going to distract you while you read to write something.

  • Write Words

In college, you’re required to work on essays, research papers, book reviews, and many other types of academic papers day by day. By using the Word Frequency Counter, you will be able to count how many times you have used this or that word in your project. In other words, Write Words is there for the students who wish to finally eliminate that “be” verbs together with the rest of the overused words.

  • Calm.com

Use Calm.com to get through the “calm session” of studying within any time frames that you specify. Let everything go without worrying that you may lose the sense of time and take a longer break than you actually planned. Enjoy the calming voice and follow the guide in order to let your body and mind relax.

  • Foodtrack

If you’re tired of going to the same place or have not the slightest idea of where to go, make sure to use Foodtrack app. The best thing about this app is that the users don’t have to log in! All you have to do is to enable your current location and check dozens of available restaurants nearby. It is important to mention that there are three basic options: “After Hours,” “By Category,” and “Near Me.” That’s a real lifesaver for most college students!

  • Buzzfeed News

Enjoy Buzzfeed News and make sure to subscribe to their email list today! Buzzfeed News provides you with the latest news in a clear and concise manner every single day. What is more, it is also always there for you when you think it’s time to find out what “Marvel” character you are according to your zodiac sign.

  • The Homework App

If you’re one of the college or university students who never own a planner, The Homework App will become a real lifesaver. By using this easy-to-deal-with application, the user can add his or her classes, homework tasks for every subject, various reminders, as well as due dates.

  • Pomodoro

According to the Pomodoro technique, the user should work for twenty-five minutes and take five-minute breaks regularly. Then you repeat the session four times and take a fifteen-minute break at the end. You will find the timer on the website that will help you to follow the model precisely.

  • TED

Do you feel like it is the mid semester, and you’re already tired like hell? It’s time to go to the TED website and search for inspiration from some video about the recent scientific discovery.

  • Google Scholar

If you need to get timely alerts on some new research and term papers in your field of study, make sure to use Google Scholar. Besides, Google Scholar helps you find many papers that are already published.

  • 10 Minute Mail

Let’s face it, almost every college or university student has been struck by the moment when s/he needed to view this or that website but was required to create an account first. Maybe you’re on the lookout for the newest trends, or you need to check the religion article for your college term paper, but, in either situation, you don’t like the idea of providing your email. You’ve just found the website that you’d like to visit once, and you don’t like the idea of getting loads of junk emails. This is when you should start using 10 Minute Mail! Once you visit this website, 10 Minute Mail will provide you with a random email address like [email protected] The user has ten minutes to use the given email address. After that, you simply lose access to one. Sounds great, right? 10 Minute Mail is a brilliant opportunity for college students who do not like sharing their emails with someone else and then get spam in return.

Try out the websites we have just talked about and figure out which one is the best option for you. Happy studying!

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