Why is Demand for Digital Marketing Education High?

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The demand for digital marketing education is high in India currently. There’re various reasons for this surge in demand. Understandably, Indians are very fond of education and acquiring skills that can help secure better career and future. However, there’re other drivers for this demand too, that I’ll discuss in this article.

Should you be actively considering digital marketing education, it’s important to comprehend reasons that spur this demand. Possibly, it might help you make a better career decision.

Therefore, let’s start by understanding the importance of digital marketing in India.

Importance of Digital Marketing in India

India is one of the fastest growing digital economies of the world. By 2020, digital products and services will contribute over $150 billion to the Indian economy, according to media reports. India currently ranks No-15 among largest ecommerce markets in the world but is quickly moving up.

Digital payments in India are picking up at dizzying pace. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies as well as different sectors including travel and tourism, hospitality, healthcare, logistics are also going digital. Furthermore, the Indian government’s Digital India initiative offers thousands of services to citizens through electronic channels.

These factors make digital marketing very important to India. Cheaper smartphones and low cost mobile Internet are helping residents of rural India to connect with the world. Meaning, the dependence on digital services will increase.

As a result, there’s growing interest in digital marketing. And here’re the main reasons why the demand for digital marketing education is high in India.

Reasons for High Demand of Digital Marketing Education

There’re countless reasons for the prevailing high demand for digital marketing education in India. Here’re some topmost reasons.

  • Trending Career

India will require about a million digital marketers by 2022 to drive only its booming ecommerce sector and support industries, says PricewaterhouseCoopers. The demand for digital marketers in other sectors is not even measurable.

Over the years, we’ve seen banks, NBFCs and almost every other service provider migrate to digital channels to offer products and services. Because, people in India find it easier to conduct online transactions. Earlier inhibitions over transacting via electronic channels are fading fast.

Millennials that wish to ride on this boom in digital services in India are increasingly opting for digital marketing education, causing high demand.

  • Affordably Priced Courses

If one considers the cost of other professional courses, digital marketing by far is the most economical. For example, an excellent digital marketing course costs about Rs.50,000depending upon the institute, its faculty members and location, among other factors. Therefore, students don’t need to take education loans from banks and other sources to fund a digital marketing course.

When you consider the affordability, it’s also worth knowing pay scales in digital marketing. A fresher with some internship in digital marketing can easily find entry level jobs that pay at least Rs.15,000 per month as salary. They can expect higher pay and perks with more experience and higher level skills. In stark contrast, over 93 percent Master of Business Administration (MBA) students from third-grade business schools can’t get more than Rs.10,000 per month as salary.

  • Advantage over Regular Degrees

Most Indian students opt for professional courses including medicine, engineering and Chartered Accountancy after completion of Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent. Aspiring students have to pass complex entrance exams to try and secure a seat for these courses. Other students merely opt for Bachelor degrees, mainly in Arts, Commerce and Science streams.

Doing a BA, BSc or B.Com degree is fine. But it doesn’t help a student get that dream job upon graduation. Most end up as clerks or in sales and marketing jobs that are available aplenty. However, digital marketing enables students to move to an entirely new paradigm. Instead of taking low paying and ordinary jobs, they work on projects that require specialized skills. Therefore digital marketing education gives them a distinct advantageas a graduates.

  • Various Career Options

Several career option is yet another major reason why demand for digital marketing education is high. While most degrees straitjacket a fresh graduate to work within their own fields, digital marketing education offers eight different options. Hence, a digital marketing fresher is able to create a career of choice rather than follow the flock.

An excellent digital marketing course educates students to work with companies, if they wish, by equipping them with necessary skills. However, they also can become entrepreneurs by launching a startup that provides digital marketing services. With some skills, digital marketing graduates can work as freelancers and earn very high income. Or they can work on part-time basis to earn a secondary income.

Additionally, digital marketing enables you to become a successful bloggeror YouTuber. Many digital marketing students also open own dropshipping and ecommerce websites and do flourishing business.

  • Lowest Unemployment Rates

Due to the wide range of careers available as I mention above, redundancy and unemployment among people with digital marketing education is the lowest in India. In stark contrast, some 93 percent of the 1.5 million engineers and estimated 50 percent doctors that graduate in India remain unemployed. Because they graduate without acquiring skills that match their degrees.

Since digital marketing education trains students on various diverse processes, their skills remain relevant in spite of technological innovations. Hence, they needn’t fear unemployment for any reason. Should a digital marketer lose job due to any cause, they can easily find others or start own business with the skills.

  • Internationally Valid Certifications

An excellent digital marketing education instituteprepares students to appear for exams and pass exams for at least 12 different internationally valid certifications. These certifications are from topmost companies of the world including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, among others.  To retain these certifications, they’ve to appear for online exams every year.

These 12 international certifications give you a very distinct advantage: you can get jobs anywhere in the world as digital marketer. Hence, digital marketing education is vital for anyone planning to migrate for good or find jobs in other parts of the world for a few years.

It’s also in demand among spouses of Non Resident Indians who can earn a lot of money by offering digital marketing services from home. That’s because some countries do not permit women or housewives to work due to immigration policies.

In Conclusion

These are some of the main reasons why the demand for digital marketing education is high in India. Digital marketing also enables you to switch careers midway, if you aren’t satisfied or happy with the present job. And anyone from a school dropout to fresh retiree can do a digital marketing course. Hence, the demand is expected to surge in the near future too.

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