Aims And Objectives of Nigerian Education – Know Before You Go!

Nigerian Education

If you want to unfold the question of what the aims and objectives of Nigerian education are, then you are at right place. In this post, we are decided to discuss the aims and objectives of education in Nigeria. Read on!

The Term “Objectives And Aims of Education”

Aim and objective are words that discuss, as a matter of fact, the difference between them stating that ‘aim is concerned with purpose’ and ‘’objective is concerned with achievements’

When it comes to education, aim refers as looking forward into the future career that goes beyond the academically studies. And educational objectives represent gaining, a new ability, and a skill and so on.

What Are The Aims of Education?

Education is something that is developing a student in social, mental, physical, emotional, moral and psychological aspects.

Nigeria’s Philosophy of Education Implies That:

  • Education is a tool and technique for national development, and educational aspects include the interaction of persons and ideas
  • Education is something that encourages the worth development of the individual, for every person’s sake, and even also general development of society
  • Education is the training of the mind that assist in the understanding of the world around
  • The access to legitimate skills and competencies of individual work to live in and contribute to the development of the society

What Are The Objectives of Education?

The Nigerian education policy was published in 1977 and revised in 1981 and 2004 states that education should work as a tool to achieve national goals. According to Nigerian education policy, education policy should entirely depend on the overall philosophy and goals of the nation.

The Overall Philosophy of Nigeria Is To:

  • Should live in unity and harmony as one indivisible, indissoluble, democratic and sovereign nation based on the principle that includes freedom, equality, and justice
  • With the ease of understanding, promote inter-African solidarity and world peace

Five Main National Aims And Objectives:

According to the National Policy on Education in Nigeria include five main national aims and objectives, these points have been proven as the necessary foundation for the building of Nigeria’s future:

  • free and, democratic society
  • just egalitarian society
  • united, strong and self-reliant nation
  • a great and dynamic economy
  • a land full of bright opportunities for individuals across the Nigeria

With the above aims and objective students get the opportunity of achieving good grades. The authorized site provided the tested and well-planned gpa calculator to track your education grades. Well, unfold the question of how the implementation of these aims and objectives looks like in reality; give a read to know an example of pre-primary school and a list of aims and objectives that you ought to implement into the process of ecuation:

  • There is a need to make a transition from the home to the school maximally smooth and reliable
  • There is a need to prepare a student for the primary level of education
  • There is a need to provide adequate care, and supervision for the students as their guardians are at work (in offices, on the farms, in the markets, etc)
  • There is a need to inculcate social norms
  • It is immensely important to develop a sense of co-operation and team spirit
  • There is a need to learn good habits, especially concentrate on good healthy habits
  • There is a need to teach the rudiments of numbers, letters, colours shape, forms, through play, etc

According to the Nigerian National Policy of education, stick with the above ways to achieve best educational goals. Additionally, these ways help to achieve better grades point average! Good Luck!

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