4 Advance SEO Tips And Strategies

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Advanced SEO Techniques

Wait!! Is your website ready to launch?? To get a perfect site with a lot of traffic here are some website promotional tips you must perform before promoting your website. The prerequisites which are required for an ideal website and one must follow them so as to be on top of SERP. Many of the Digital Marketing Institute rank at the First position of the SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

At the moment, the optimal distribution of the advertising budget on the Internet is about the following

Contextual advertising – 50 to 70%.

Promotion – 30 to 50%.

Why contextual advertising is still more effective than website promotion?

You can estimate the budget between contextual advertisement and promotion according to the counters. These can be Live Internet counters, mail. Google Analytics, You can estimate the traffic, but it is better to do it on such integral characteristics, taken for a certain period, such as:

  • Number of pages viewed by users.
  • Time spent on the site.
  • Total number of conversions.

It should be noted that this approach is self-regulating. If, for example, the promotion gives the worst results, it will lead to the worst indicators given above. Which in turn will mean less ROI in the promotion? And this will mean that a smaller percentage of the advertising budget spent on the Internet should be spent on promotion.

And vice versa – if contextual advertising gives the worst results, then a smaller percentage of the advertising budget should be spent on it.

Promotion in search engines today is based on two main factors:

  • Internal factors -There are many of them, but basically, this is an increase in the number of pages on the site),
  • External factors -First of all, this is the purchase of links from other sites.

A significant role is played by solving the problem of optimal allocation of the budget between internal and external factors. In our opinion, the distribution that gives the maximum result is something like the following:

  • Internal factors – from 50 to 90%,
  • External factors – from 10 to 50%.

In other words, a larger share of the budget allocated for promotion is more profitable to spend not on buying links, but on increasing the number of pages on the site.

In favor of this, the following arguments can be made:

  • Many well-known thematic portals have never engaged in the promotion in the classical sense of the word, i.e. did not purchase links. Nevertheless, they have attendance measured by hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of visitors per month.

The reason is quite simple – on these sites, there is a very large number of pages with diverse and unique thematic information. Simply put, these portals “snap off” a much larger piece of the Internet in its subject matter compared to regular sites.

  • The results of search engines in recent years are increasingly focused on the informational nature of sites and less and less on their citation. In other words, the link ranking factor plays an ever smaller role in the results of search results.
  • Subjects (both firms and freelancers) involved in website promotion pay more attention to links than copywriting. On the one hand, this is explained by the fact that 5–10 years ago the reference ranking factor did play a significant role in search results.

On the other hand, writing good and unique feature articles is a more labor-intensive operation than the process of buying links. It should also be noted that promoters are very reluctant to engage in traffic promotion. This is understandable – it is much easier to bring a low-competitive request in the TOP-10 than to increase the actual traffic to the site at the expense of interested users.

Contextual advertising is mainly limited to the following sites

Google AdWords and, for some products, All other platforms, including any banner advertising, provide an immeasurably lower ROI (advertising ROI) and can be neglected with small and medium advertising budgets.

It should be noted that the optimization of contextual advertising and website promotion is quite similar. And in fact, and in another case, you need:

  • Choose the maximum possible number of thematic keywords.
  • Split keywords into the maximum possible a number of ads (for contextual advertising) or articles (for promotion).
  • The principles of creating ads (for contextual advertising) and articles (for promotion) are also almost the same – in the headlines and texts of ads and articles should include advanced phrases.

The breakdown by subject, which has become widespread in the process of optimizing contextual advertising, also applies to promotion. It is clear that the more profit the advertiser has on any subject, the more you need to spend on advertising on this subject.

In promotion, this means that in more profitable topics you need to create more pages on the site and to a greater extent deal with reference rankings for the phrases that are decisive in this topic.

Statistics obtained from contextual advertising, allows you to

  • Quite well, determine ideas which ads (articles) and phrases it makes sense to concentrate on the promotion. This allows you to make the process of website promotion in a much more meaningful, in contrast to the case when there is no such statistics.
  • Also, we must understand that in the context of the traffic goes immediately after the payment (but also ends after the money runs out).
  • In the promotion of traffic begins to increase after a certain time, the period of which depends on many factors.
  • (But on the other hand, this traffic goes a long time after the end of the payment for promotion.) Therefore, the results can be seen after a period measured by the time from several months to six months.

Summarizing, we can say that the process of promotion with the help of the advertising agency “Impulse” will be more meaningful and will give better results compared to promotion with the help of other agencies.

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