Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies For 2018 [BEST UPDATES]

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The trends and developments in Digital marketing that need to be paid attention to are the evolution of chatbots, Videos and storytelling in the visual content and the voice search concept.


Evolution in technology with Chatbots

Technological advancement is always welcome in digital marketing. The year 2018 is moving to a scenario with Brands relying more on the semi-intelligent chatbots for user management. With the development in technology, the chatbots have also seen major changes in the form of artificial intelligence over the years.


Chatbots lack the human touch which could be a negative thing in the consumer-centric marketing world, but these still have proven to have been problem solvers. Thanks to the programming. The interaction with the consumer in the real chat is effective with the bots. Cost saving this way is immense indicating that chatbots are here to stay for long.


Improved features in the visual Content

The improved features in the visual forms of marketing have ensured easy and quick sharing of the content. The short and live forms of videos are now more focused and have swept the social media platforms by means of quick and frequent sharing. The video traffic is expected to take over the online consumer traffic in near future.


Exploring the concept of voice search

Many of us are already familiar with the concept by now. Apple’s introduction of Siri to its iPhone users has shown the light here. The concept is the trend for the future now. Online users are taking up the concept for their searches making it easier to find things on the web.


This will also pave way for the communication and data processing. Why?


The digital marketers have already set out to create content optimized for voice queries.


Making the best use of technologies like predictive analytics, the businesses can know their target audience better. Attracting the audience and retaining them with the digital marketing trends and strategies works towards more revenues and stability of the business.

Differences Between XML Sitemaps and RSS/Atom Feeds & Why You Should Use Both

Differences Between XML Sitemaps and RSS Feeds

It is important for any site to submit sitemaps.xml file in search engines webmaster. Particularly for sites that are large number of page or updated very frequently.  But while many webmasters submit either an XML or a RSS/Atom sitemap, many don’t realize they can submit both in webmaster, as each plays a very different role for websites.

Sitemaps can be in XML sitemap, RSS, or Atom formats. The major difference between these file formats are that XML sitemaps list list of the whole set of URLs within a site, while RSS/Atom feeds describe recent pages added to the site or changes made in site. This has important implications:

 Sitemap.xml v/s Rss Feed

  • XML sitemaps are usually large; RSS/Atom feeds are small, containing only the most recent updates to your site.
  • XML sitemaps are downloaded less frequently than RSS/Atom feeds.

For website optimal search engine crawling, we recommend using both XML sitemaps and RSS/Atom feeds. All search engines get all information about all of the pages on your site by XML sitemap. RSS/Atom feeds will provide all recent updates on your website, helping search engines to keep your content fresher in its index.

  • Note that submitting sitemaps or feeds does not guarantee the indexing of those URLs.

25+ High DA Free Search Engine Submission Website List 2018 – Off Page SEO

Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2018: Search motors are the fundamental wellspring of natural movement on Internet today with Google being generally prominent. In this article, I am sharing a Free Search Engine Submission Sites 2018 to empower blog proprietors to present the URL of their websites. Despite the fact that a dominant part of blog proprietors present their websites to Google for Indexing, I would prescribe you to present your blog to other web crawlers additionally as it would give you a lift in rush hour gridlock and in addition profitable backlinks.

You can present your URLs to web search tools the same number of time as you need. Be that as it may, if your blog doesn’t have excellent substance at that point top web crawlers like Google may not file or rank your blog.

What is Search Engine Submission?
Web crawler Submission happens when you present the URL of your blog to internet searcher for Crawling and Indexing.

Slithering: This is the procedure by which web index programming known as ‘web crawlers’ find openly accessible data. For e.g. Google utilizes a product called ‘Googlebot’ to creep website pages and the connections inside those pages to take the data back to Google.

Ordering: This is the procedure by which web indexes compose the data. To take the above case forward, once Google has gotten the data about pages, Google makes a list of words and their areas so they can be looked into when required.

S.No. Search Engines Submission Websites

For Download this list Click Here

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High DA PA Do-Follow Bookmarking Website List July 2018

Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you new technology about search engine optimization, The name of that technique is bookmarking. This is a very old and effective technique, Who Boosts Your Website on Google. there are all websites are providing best and high DA PA link to your website. Google known as the effectiveness of the bookmarking, so if you want to rank your website in google page one, please do bookmark for your website.

How to Do Bookmarking for your website?

Please watch this video carefully and do everything same then please give me your feedback in comments. your feedback is valuable for our website.

High DA PA Do-Follow Bookmarking Website List

Here we have some 100+ Best Bookmarking Website List, If you want to download the Website List, Please click on the “Download” Button and check the excel sheet here.

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31+ Ping Website List July 2018 – Off Page SEO

Do you know why the greater part of the third party referencing endeavors goes futile?

– Just in light of not getting recorded via web search tools.

We should expect you completed a great deal of hard attempts to fabricate a specific thing yet nobody perceived that. How might you feel?

Unquestionably broken and you will believe that all your diligent work and time would one say one were somewhat exercise in futility, would it say it isn’t? Truly, I can feel your agony 🙁

Here is the defining moment, ping locales can increase the value of your third party referencing exertion and your contribute of time. You can record your own particular site(s) or your backlink sources with only a solitary snap utilizing some driving ping devices over the web. The vast majority of the SEOs who truly know their occupations utilize pinging apparatuses or premium administration like OneHourIndexing device to get quick ordering in significant web search tools. Henceforth, you can snatch this chance to make your SEO and external link establishment work more productive and quick. Here goes some regularly made inquiries with respect to ping destinations:

What Are Ping Sites?

Ping locales are one sort of online based apparatus that will present your offered URL to a few web search tools, catalogs, networks, content aggregators and some different spots.

How To Use Ping Tools?

You simply need to put the URL that you need ping and compose the title of that page, at that point essentially tap on ping or submit catch to begin the procedure. After a few seconds you will see the affirmation message. It’s so straightforward

Why You Should Use Ping Services?

There is no law in constitution that will constrain you to utilize ping devices since you are a SEO or Webmaster; however who won’t snatch the additional gold coin from the table? Yah, this is like additional gold coin in the SEO business. You can file your site’s URL or your backlink sources quick and effortlessly with these instruments. Keep in mind, right around 80% backlinks on the web remains deindexed because of ignoring. Along these lines, a large portion of the SEO battles come up short and don’t see the normal outcome.

Is There Any Negative Effect Of Pinging Too Much?

What will happen in the event that you solicit a similar inquiry to one from your companions again and again in a solitary day? Clearly he/she will get irritated of you. Similarly it’s great to abstain from pinging a similar URL again and again inside a brief timeframe. You can utilize 2-3 devices to ping a similar URL of your blog or site. Try not to ping a solitary URL with 10 ping devices or 10 times with a similar ping instrument. I prescribe to ping a URL just once with a solitary ping instrument and utilize something like 3 or 4 ping devices.

Here Goes The Superb Information For You…

In the event that you are taking care of thousands of connections ordering assignment consistently then experiment with One Hour Indexing to make your procedure speedier and simpler. On there other hand, for one time ordering into significant web crawlers and SEO instruments you can run with Linklicious, which is an ideal answer for spending plan SEO ventures.

S.No Ping Websites

Along these lines, I am finished with my part and now it’s your swing to ping your blog or site for better ordering and positioning. To get the additional cake for your work ensure you are likewise pinging the wellsprings of backlinks. It will make those backlinks unmistakable to significant web indexes and subsequently you will get your coveted positioning lift.

Glad pinging and avoid malicious connections!


100+ Blog Commenting Website List July 2018 – Off Page SEO

Hello friends, today we will talk about how to bring the website up to Google pages in search engine optimization. Today’s our technology is blog commenting, guys, this is a great technology that is quite effective in SEO. So today’s I will define how to do the blog commenting for your website. Please watch this video continuously and do itself for your website same.

Now, this is a great technique, This technique is power-efficient since the time search engine optimization has come. here we have some best do-follow comments website list. Please click on the download button and download the excel sheet then check all authority blog commenting list.Download Here Here we have some best and high DA PA commenting websites, please follow the video and do SEO commenting to boost your website in google first page. You can also give your feedback on comments and please connect with us for latest SEO updates or link building techniques.


Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses! – Tips and Tricks

SEO Services for Run an Online Small Business

Small business owners often find themselves struggling against large business and entities for market space. However, a little consideration of the work ethics and marketing techniques can help small businesses outperform larger competitors and achieve a better position in the market.

SEO Tricks


Well, where small businesses might find themselves unable to match the massive marketing budget head against the larger companies, their local presence, and relatively smaller target marketplace them in an ideal position to gain significant traction. In fact, the local presence is the biggest benefit of small businesses, as it helps them to connect better with the customers.

Let’s assume you are an electrician in Nevada and are competing with large entities for dominance in the market. However, provided you are able to select the right target audience, you can simple dominate the preferred market with a tactical marketing strategy. Here, your local presence and relation to the area can be your biggest marketing asset, which can help you attract the customer; that too with a relatively smaller marketing budget.

Now, you might be thinking about how to achieve that?

Well, Local SEO is the simple answer. Here, by deploying local SEO Nevada process, you can significantly market your small business to gain maximum market projection and business recognition. Below we will be looking at some benefits of local SEO services for small businesses.

  • Increased Visibility

Local businesses can significantly increase their visibility through local SEO services. Now, even though you might already have a reputation in your area of operations, still you might be missing big in terms of potential customers, simply because many customers in your areas don’t know your business. Here, local SEO Nevada can help you reach maximum customers looking for a quick electric fix in the area.

  • Targeted Search

The location-based searches are increasingly growing. These searches include “Best electrician services in Nevada” or “Affordable electrician services near me”. Now, by setting up local SEO services, you will be listed in all local directories, as well as, you’ll have your Google “My Business Account”, which will help you to top the location-based searches in your area.

  • Enhanced Conversion Optimization

Another great benefit of local SEO services is the better conversion rates as compared to international SEO services. According to statistics, location-based searches like we discussed above are more prone to actually make the purchase or hire the services, as compared to general searches. For instance, “affordable electrician near me” has a better chance to hire the service as compared to “Best electrician services in town”.

  • Business recognition

While local SEO services may help you in getting more targeted traffic and better conversion rates, listing in local directories help you establish your business as a recognized and reputed entity in the market. Over the time, this will eventually lead to business branding  – the zenith for any marketing strategy.

SEO Tips

So, implement local SEO services for your small business now and embark on a successful journey towards business success.

What Are Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers? – Tool and Techniques

Meaning of Robot, Spider And Crawler

You should have a general understanding of a robot, spider or crawler is a bit of software  Programmed to “from 1 web page into another dependent on the links on these pages. While this crawler makes it way across the Internet, it gathers content (for example, text and Links) from internet sites and saves people in a database indexed and rated by the Search Engine algorithm.

Working of Robots and Crawler

When a crawler is released online, it is usually saddled with a couple of sites, and it starts on One of these sites. The very first thing it will on this very first site is to pay attention to those links on the webpage. Subsequently it “the text and also starts to stick to the links which it

Gathered previously. This network of links is known as the crawl frontier, it is the land that the Crawler is researching in an orderly manner.

The links in a crawl frontier will occasionally spend the crawler to additional web pages on Precisely the same internet site, and at times they’ll take it from the site entirely. The crawler will Follow the links before it hits a dead end and then backtrack and start the procedure again until Each link on a webpage was followed. As to what happens when a crawler starts reviewing a site, it is a bit more complicated than

Merely stating that it “the site. The crawler sends a request to the web server in which The site resides, asking pages to be sent to it in precisely the same way your internet browser Asks pages which you examine. The distinction between your browser sees and what the Crawler sees is the crawler is watching the pages at a total text interface. No images or other Sorts of media files are exhibited. It is all text, and it is encoded in HTML. So for you, it may seem like gibberish.

The crawler can ask as many or few pages as it is programmed to ask at any particular time. This can occasionally lead to issues with internet sites which are not well prepared to function Up dozens of pages of content at one moment. The requests will probably overload the site and Make it to crash, or it may slow down traffic to your website drastically, and it is possible that the Requests will likely only be fulfilled too slowly and the crawler will give up and move away.

If the crawler goes away, it will gradually come back to try the job again. And it may try several Times until it gives up entirely. But when the site does not finally start to collaborate with the Crawler, it is penalized to your failures along with your site’s search engine rank will collapse.

Additionally, there are a couple of reasons you might not need a crawler bookmarking a page on your site:

  • your webpage is currently under construction. If you can avoid it, then you do not need a crawler to index your site while this is occurring. If you cannot avoid that, nevertheless, make sure any pages which are being altered or worked are excluded by the crawler’s land. Afterwards, as soon as your page is ready, it is possible to permit the page to be indexed again.
  • Pages of links. Having links leading to and from the site is a vital approach to make sure crawlers locate you. But having pages of links appears suspicious to some search crawler, and it could classify your site as a spam site. Rather than getting pages which are all links, break links up with text and descriptions. If that is not feasible, block the connection pages from being indexed by crawlers.
  • Pages of older content. Old content, for example, website archives, does not automatically damage your search engine positions, but also, it does not help them much. One worrisome issue with writings, however, is that the number of occasions that archived content looks on your webpage. Having a site, by way of instance, you might have the site show up on the webpage at which it was initially exhibited, and have it exhibited in writings, and perhaps have it connected from another section of your site. Even though this is all valid, crawlers may mistake multiple instances of the identical content for spam. Rather than risking it, set your writings off limits to crawlers.
  • Personal details. It indeed makes better sense to not possess personal info (or proprietary information) onto an internet site. However, if there’s some reason you have to get it on your site, then block crawlers out of accessibility to it. Even better, password- protect the data so that Nobody can stumble on it accidentally


There is a whole slew of reasons you might not need to permit a crawler to go to some of your web pages. It is precisely like allowing visitors in your property. You do not mind if they visit that the living area, dining area, den, and perhaps the kitchen, however, you do not want them on Your bedroom for no good reason. Crawlers will be the guests on your Internet house. Make sure they know the guidelines when they are welcome.


To know more about Google Bots or Anything Related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.

SEO Tutorials for Beginners to Step Into the Search Industry

Entering the internet business world is easy, but you should know to use the Search Engine Optimization techniques wisely in order to improvise your business.  Search engine optimization concepts or techniques need to be implemented inside and outside of your website to drive traffic.


Even though it takes some time to implement these SEO techniques effectively, this is the only cheap option to make profit consistently.  Every step you move to improve your website should be carefully handled as SEO can work in either way. The major part of SEO is on-page SEO and mostly WordPress bloggers use WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin for on-page SEO settings.


It may yield positive results for the people who use it wisely and negative results for the webmasters who have no knowledge of SEO techniques.

Here are some vital SEO tips for your website:

1]       Quality and Creative Content

Once you have designed your website, you should look fora keyword to create content for your website.  The content should be on your product or services.  It should clearly explain the audience about your business and your products/services.

The main thing is that, your content should be easy, grammatically correct and free from copy paste.  Your content should also be included in the keyword.  The keyword is also one of the main parts of creating a quality content.

So, you should do lots of research and homework to find out the suitable keyword that is to be used in your content.

2]       Meta Tags

Meta Tags should be added to your webpages to attract the search engine spiders.  Meta tags should also be derived using the powerful keyword that depicts your business.

3]       Title Tags

You should also give the relevant title to your content using the keyword.  The title should not contain less than 5 words.  The attractive title with the proper usage of keyword will be picked up by the search engines easily.

4]       Link Building

Receiving hits from many popular sites is an effective search engine optimization that can fetch you more potential customers.  Building links through quality websites are compulsory to get longstanding customers.

You can use article directories such as ezine, to build links. There is a resource box in the article submission webpage at the footer where you are allowed to describe your business to the audience.

You can also leave your domain link to drive the audience to your site. Link building can also be done through forum sites, blogs etc.  Blogs are effective when the content is frequently modified.

5]       Social Networking sites

Social networking sites are effective in link building.  Twitter, Facebook, Orkut is some of the social networking sites where many genuine users search for solutions to their problems.  You should drive such people to your site by offering them solutions through your website.  Through social networking sites, you will get reliable customers.

These are some of the fundamental search engine optimization techniques that are necessary for a website to drive traffic and increase sales.  Even though search engines changes its algorithm frequently, it is your responsibility to test various options and make modifications on your website accordingly.  So, if you do not have adequate knowledge of SEO concept, you can approach an SEO company for assisting your business.

50+ High DA PA .Edu and .Gov Website Backlinks List (May 2018)

Importance Of Backlinks

There are individuals like numerous SEO specialists who can’t help contradicting the way that Backlinks can really and fundamentally support your rankings and can end up being the cream of the harvest for SEO proficient world. They think .edu and .gov backlinks are totally useless. Furthermore, for their avocation, they center around great quality substance. As per these individuals, Google thinks about great substance and doesn’t offer validity to these locales.


In any case, we can’t reject the point that edu backlinks are being remunerated by Google for a move in the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) and most edu areas have the higher normal specialist with Google and clients, than some other spaces. As proposed by numerous expert industry mastery, that yes Google completes some help and backings these spaces (particularly: edu and gov ) somewhat yet not that unnecessarily.

These specialists trust that great quality substance will dependably be the main consideration in boosting the appraisals, however getting some great quality edu or gov backlinks for SEO purposes can help somebody to yield preferable outcomes and rankings over others. You can buy a .edu and .gov backlinks from independent sites like Fiverr and SEOClerks.

I have thought of best .gov and .edu site by enrolling where you can get backlinks easily.So get these backlinks and see the enchantment how your High-quality backlinks with this high PR boosting .gov and .edu backlinks.

Top notch backlinks worth thousands of low-quality backlinks, particularly the one originating from edu and .gov destinations. Google adores backlinks from .edu and .gov locales and in this way give your site great positioning in SERPs. An edu and .’gov backlinks is related with an instructive foundation and government association in this way considered as most real and esteemed backlink in term of SEO in light of the fact that they are from non-benefit source give quality data, not a spam one and since exists for long time in the field, have high PageRank as well.

So to get this high specialist dofollow .edu and .gov backlinks from high expert locales 2018, here is an immense rundown of .edu and .gov backlinks to get an extremely quality backlink from and enhance your site positioning.

Why .edu BackLinks are essential for rankings?

.EDU Backlinks are approaching connects to a blog or site ) destinations or blog what have incredible energy to expand your positioning in Google and Alexa. Backlinks from other at that point .edu site has additionally control however the energy of .edu site will break all basic site and lift your positioning. More often than not, edu locales are schools or colleges and they just connect to substantial assets and Google believes them, so on the off chance that you get backlinks from this site that is mean your site is doing great. In any case, don’t spam there. Spamming will lead you to restriction on .edu locales.

Why .gov BackLinks are imperative for rankings?

.gov backlinks are the backlinks originating from government association and foundations. they have a high expert in eyes of Google. So by having backlinks from .gov destinations, you can support your rankings without a doubt. On the off chance that you get backlinks from .gov site it will help you in a ton in SEO. Be that as it may, don’t spam there. Spamming will lead you to the prohibition on .gov locales.

How To Find .EDU and .Gov Sites For BackLinks?

There is a pleasant precarious way that you can discover an edu destination via looking in Google with these terms. Simply duplicate the beneath lines and glue it in Google Search Engine, Then begin opening from No-1 and begin building backlinks to get higher positioning. I am certain this trap will work for you. Same way you find .gov destinations. This will clearly help your rankings in Google SERP’s. “blog” “forums” “comments” “log in / create account” inurl:blog “seo”

Top Authority High DA PA .edu and .gov website Backlinks List –

Other 50+ Best .edu and .gov Website Backlinks List

Download Here

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