Why To Use The E- Governance Software?

Nowadays, citizens all over the world wants to connect with their governments easily so that they get access to every information and public services. Therefore, more and more nations are adopting e- governance so that they can connect with their citizens. Besides there are lot of other benefits of e-governance services likeboosting the quality of services, lowering of costs, increasing transparency, improving productivity, simplification in the process of resource management.

Here are the benefits of E- governance software:

  1. Complete governance

Since e- governance involves citizens in its various processes that are internet based therefore it is a complete governance. For example, policy process, accountability and illustrating government transparency between citizens and the government of a certain nation. Thus, it helps to build trust between the citizens and the government.


  1. Quick and smooth operation

With the help of e-governance software processes can be carried out efficiently without unnecessary paperwork. Therefore, sharing of information becomes fast between departments and agencies and builds one huge data base. All the government decisions and policies can be accessed quickly by the citizens therefore it allows quick and smooth operation.


  1. High operative proficiency

The most crucial factor for the citizens of a nation is the operative proficiency and efficiency provided by the government. It depends largely on the value of the communications between the government and the citizens. Moreover, traditional paperwork is a time-consuming process and it requires a lot of resources. Also, it does not provide much value to the people. On the contrary E-governance software makes the communications centralized and helps to achieve high operative proficiency. Citizens today have become more aware of their rights and so they are demanding more from the public services


  1. Helps to boost trust on the government

As e- governance software helps in better communication with the citizens therefore it helps governments to be aware of the needs of a citizen and give it a foremost priority. Therefore, it helps to boost trust on the government. For the government to remain in power it is of utmost importance that the needs of the citizens should be taken into care. E- governance improves transparency, facilitates the exchange of information between citizens and the government and helps to carry out smooth and accurate information.


  1. Cost- Effective

With the help of the E- governance software various processes can be carried out effectively and smoothly. For example, if the government wants an opinion of the public for a certain issue it can easily conduct an online survey with the help of e-governance software with minimum cost. Also, it will be a faster process than traditional surveys. Furthermore, with a new innovation called cloud solutions government can instantly capture any data. Thus, it is clear that the implementation of e-governance has several benefits like saving huge resources, it is extremely cost- effective in its operations, saves lots of time, effort and money, increases the quality levels of the services provided by the government thereby reducing unnecessary time spent in the government departments.


What are the tools provided by the e-governance system?

E- government system also gives access to various tools like:

  1. Public services

Different information about public services can be easily accessed with the help of e-governance software for example, electricity, ration card, water, public transport, sanitation, telephone, FIR registration and GPS.

  1. Public information

All types of public information like employment opportunities, government forms and government schemes, employment exchange registration, government notifications can be easily accessed with the help of e-governance software.

  1. Agriculture and rural sector

Every information regarding agriculture and the rural sector can be accessed with the help of e-governance software. For instance, seeds information, fertilizers, crop disease, below the poverty line and above the poverty line records, pesticides, market price, weather forecast and land records.

  1. Social services

Different types of social services like pensions for old age, widows, and handicapped can be done by the help of e-governance software. Besides this tool also helps in compensation and rehabilitation or acquisition. And also, it helps in the registration of documents along with the registration of certificates and licenses.

  1. Commercial services

Various types of commercial services like income tax, corporate tax, return filing and taxation, central or state excise duty, customs duty, sales tax, property tax, company returns and road tax can be effectively carried out through the help of e-governance solutions.


What are the other benefits of e-governance software?


There are also different solutions offered by the e-governance software like:

  • Online monitoring and management system
  • Health and family service solutions
  • Mobile and web-based e-governance solutions
  • Web-enabled GIS for the municipal corporation
  • Development of database driven systems
  • Performance tracking and management solution
  • Financial planning and forecasting solutions
  • Portfolio management solutions
  • Employee appraisal system across multiple departments
  • Workflow management solutions
  • Centralized hospital management systems
  • Management solutions for disaster recovery


What are the types of e-governance?

There are 4 main types of e-governance:

  1. Government to citizen (G2C)

This government service helps to supply facilities to the citizens. The majority of government services comes under G2C. It also helps ordinary citizens to carry out transactions at minimum time and cost. Also, a citizen can get access to the benefits anytime and anywhere.

  1. Government to Business(G2B)

This is the interchange of various services between the government and the business firms. G2B provides up to date business information. Business firms can have hassle-free interactions with the government by the help of e-governance software. It also plays a vital role in business development. It helps to have efficient communication with the government and thus increases transparency.

  1. Government to Government(G2G)

This is the interaction between different firms, agencies, and government departments. G2C helps to increase the effectiveness of government processes. G2G can be both the local level and international level. It can convey both the local government and the global government. It aids in a safe relationship between foreign and international governments.

  1. Government to Employee(G2E)

This is an important part of the G2G section. This provides various online facilities to the employees like leave application, reviewing salary etc.



Thus, it is high time that nations should adapt e-governance solutions.

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