Valuable Gifts That You Can Give On Diwali

Some people drink alcohol on Diwali which is not a good habit. In India, many people follow the western culture and like to do everything the people of the west do whether it is good or bad. In the west, it is normal for people to drink alcohol every weekend and at any social event. They like to go to nightclubs on weekends. It is common for them to drink alcohol with their families. All these things are also becoming common in India which are sheer wastage of money. All who consume hard drinks try to justify themselves by saying that this is not harmful but the fact is that alcohol is not good for health. There are also many things in which Indians do not follow western culture but waste a big chunk of money like doing big fat weddings and throwing big parties. A few people hold parties on Diwali as well. All these pleasures last for a short time. Instead of wasting money on all the above-mentioned things, they should invest the same on the things which can benefit them. They can give any gift of valuable things to the person whom they want to throw the party which can be used for a long time. The following is the list of Corporate Diwali gifts that are valuable to be given to loved ones

A piece of land

This would be a great idea to buy a piece of land for your son in place of throwing a big Diwali party for him. A party can give him joy for some time but a piece of land can give him happiness for a long time like if he gives the same on the lease or on rent, he can get a lot more money out of rent. A son cannot forget the moment of receiving this kind of Diwali gift from his father. Children can learn good things from their parents and this can teach him the way of investing money. He can also make a house on the land and can give the same on rent.

Any item of Jewelry

There is no use of buying costly wines for your friend when you can buy him or her gift of jewelry. There is no health benefit of alcohol and one can get money out of it, whereas one can get money by selling the jewelry in uncertain situations. Your friend can also get a loan on gold if he or she is in need of money. Jewellery of beautiful designs enhances the beauty of a person and the shine of gold jewelry always remains the same, so one can remain happy until he or she is getting compliments for their beautiful jewelry. This can be one of the best online Diwali gifts for your close friend who is living away from you and you can send your love in this way.

Any gift of the latest technology

You will have to invest more money in buying any advanced technical gadget for your friend but this is less as compared to taking your friend to a nightclub which would give no long-term advantage but joy in a small amount of time. How useful will the gift of a laptop be for your friend who is taking online classes as compared to costly wines? Ofcourse, the former would be a more useful gift items for Diwali as he or she can use the same in so many ways like video calling, watching movies, typing blogs or articles, etc. A laptop is more handy than a computer and can be carried anywhere easily. One can also have the option of the washing machine, grinder, microwave oven, mobile phone, or other machines if he or she wants to give the present of the latest technology.


A piece of furniture

What a great idea would it be to give any item of furniture to your friend who has recently shifted to your area as he or she would be in need of the furniture. One should give the gift of things which he or she requires like if you would think of giving a costly wine to your friend who is in need of furniture then you will not be considered an intelligent person

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