Top Certifications and Courses to Pursue after MBA

MBA is among the highly in-demand professional degree for the corporate world. However, most MBA graduates realize the need to make themselves more apt and refined for the real-world of commerce as they enter it. Standing out from the rest is becoming difficult as the competition rise and industry’s expectations from business strategists become grandiose (even more so in this pandemic-hit world). So, what canyou do to rise the professional ladder fast, and prove your competence?

Many graduates supplement their education post-MBA with professional industry certifications and specialization courses, most of which are designed to be taken along with the work. They boost one’s skills, chisel them for the industry, and improve hireability.

A recent LinkedIn report mentioned that the demand for consultants is rising after COVID, irrespective of the size or the sector of the business. Businesses are looking up to strategy professionals to show them a way ahead. These short and globally-renowned certifications will clear the barriers to your entry and give you a better standing as a business specialist in the interview.

Popular Business Strategy Certifications after MBA

World-renowned status across sectors make these qualifications heavily popular among post-MBA professionals. A glimpse into a few top certifications:

–         Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA is offered by the CFA Institute. It is a popular and highly sought-after certification for professionals interested to carve a finance career. CFA designation is divided into three levels – Level I, Level II, and Level III. A mere 40 to 50 percent of aspirants are able to clear CFA exams in the first go.  Due to the low success rate, it is presumed that the amount of study time required for this examination is substantial.

COVID-19 Update:Its exams are being conducted on offline locations by taking care of all safety protocols. One has to be physically present at an examination venue to appear for the certification exam.

Careers Suitable For: Business strategists planning for investment banking, portfolio management, equity research, private equity, and such career fields can benefit from this qualification.

–         Business Strategy Certifications – Associate and Senior Level

The Strategy Institute providestop listed certifications for business professionals. It is recognized and respected across the globe, and its carefully thought-out certifications in business strategy suit a variety of MBA professions.

TSI offers two levels of qualifications – associatse and senior level. The Associate Business Strategy Professional (ABSP) is ideal for new MBA graduates. It can be pursued in the last year of graduation, when coupled with about three years of work experience. Senior Business Strategy Professional (SBSP) is for senior level professionals with substantial working experience in the industry. This is apt for those working at managerial level positions, or are in the management. To know more about the eligibility criteria, and any relaxations whatsoever based on individual candidature, you contact the institute.

COVID-19 Update:Its exams are completely online and can be taken from anywhere – your home or office. For preparation, both online and offline learning material is dispatched to the candidate.

Careers Suitable For: A range of professionals – consultants, business strategists, managers, teachers, instructors, planners – essentially those in the career of strategizing can benefit from TSI qualifications.

–         Chicago Booth for Executives

By Chicago Booth, the course is a few weeks program that can be taken from anywhere. It is designed for executives and senior management professionals. It seeks to impart the perspective to navigate different situations and teams into the professionals. Not so much a certification, unlike the two aforementioned, this course is popular among professionals due to its pedigree, in addition to the content.

COVID-19 Update:No exams are conducted for this course. In a total of four LIVE classes are held across two time-zones. Since the course is of two weeks, the classes are held for two days in every week.

Careers Suitable For: It can be pursued by all professionals seeking to broaden their perspective. Although not a concrete qualification or business strategist, this short course is a good quick reintroduction to what’s latest in the industry.

–         Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the PMP certification. It is a nonprofit organization specializing in project management. There are many types of project management certifications offered by the PMI, of which one is PMP. The preparation demands time and effort from the candidate, but it is globally recognized and those working in project management can expect a strong thrust upward in their career post-PMP certification.

COVID-19 Update:PMP has been taken completely online due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Earlier the exam was taken at Pearson VUE testing centers. Now, it can be taken from anywhere.

Careers Suitable For: Those in business strategy and are moving toward spearheading high-impact projects, can benefit from PMP certification. These certified professionals gain know-how of risk assurance, quality control, project handling, team management, and more.

Any way you slice it, the demand for MBA graduates will keep growing post-pandemic, and the professionals who can think strategically and bring forth creative solutions will remain in-demand. A business strategy certification can beyour chance to optimize the power of your MBA, and grow in the turbulent times as a turnaround specialist for the corporate world!


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