Top Tips to Take Care of Slate Kitchen Worktop

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Take Care of Your Slate Worktops in any Kitchen

Slate kitchen worktops are considered beautiful because of the fine-grained rock, which has a matte finish. It makes for a very versatile worktop that is preferred by many. It requires a higher amount of maintenance as is the case with most plain black surfaces as compared to polished ones.

Slate kitchen worktop is available in beautiful colours like black, charcoal, brown, grey and some are even available with hints of greenish-blue. Slate slabs tend to provide high aesthetic appeal to any kitchen design or interior space. These can be perfect for a modern look or even a contemporary one. 

Everyone wants his or her slate kitchen worktop to remain beautiful and pristine for years to come. In order to maintain them well, here are a few useful tips.

  • Cleaning of Slate

One of the biggest positives of a slate surface is that does not attract or build up bacteria. Slate worktops also do not allow liquids to penetrate the surface. This helps in avoiding any potential risk of staining. This is why slate surfaces are very easy to clean. These require only a mild detergent and a soft sponge for cleaning purposes. It is best to avoid the usage of any acidic substance on slate kitchen worktops. This includes the usage of lemon or white vinegar for cleaning purposes. These products tend to etch and cause discoloration on the slate worktop surface.

  • Sealing Periodically

Slate happens to be a porous stone and hence it does not absorb much of water or other liquid substances. However, it needs periodic sealing for better maintenance and sturdiness in the long run. Periodic sealing ensures that the worktop lasts longer and also prevents any form of liquid from entering its core. In case the water droplets stop making beads on the surface, it is an indication that the slate kitchen worktop needs resealing. 

  • Use of Coasters and Trivets

Slate worktops do not chip or form any scratches easily. These can also tolerate a significant amount of heat on the surface. However, in order to increase its longevity, it can be protected with the use of coasters for juice glasses and even trivets for any hot pots or pans. In case of any staining or scratching, this extra protection can prevent any harm to the beautiful slate surface.

  • Slate Requires Caution 

Slate is a natural stone and therefore very brittle. It can make a lot of difference if it is treated with care while working around it. While it can take in the general wear and tear without any damage, it cannot handle too much pressure or force. Therefore, it is best to work cautiously on a slate kitchen worktop. A small crack caused by dropping a heavy pot or pan can significantly damage the slate surface. This can even be impossible to repair at times.

  • Regular Dusting

For regular dusting, which can be done on a daily basis, a microfiber cloth is most preferred on the slate surface. This prevents any grime from depositing on the countertop. It is best to avoid the use of abrasives or even steel or woollen cleaners. Wiping of stains with any of these can lead to some amount of damage to the countertop. In case of small scratches, these can be easily sanded away. 

How to Clean?

The best way to look after kitchen worktops that are made of slate is to get started with the basic cleaning. Wiping of the counter after every use is an ideal cleaning method. You can fill a spray bottle with mild dishwashing soap combined with water and spray it over the surface. After 10-15 minutes rest, wipe it off with the help of a soft sponge or cloth. In case you cannot do this daily, a weekly routine can ensure appropriate care for your slate countertop. Also, drying of the countertop is equally important after cleaning in order to ensure that no liquid enters beneath the surface.

Slate countertops can last for a lifetime if you take care of these aspects. As long as some basic care is followed and a periodical cleaning routine is maintained, these can continue shining like new. A small scratch or chipping of the surface means complete replacement.

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