4 Amazing Tips for Selecting Modern Bathroom Tiles

4 Amazing Tips for Selecting Modern Bathroom Tiles

Are you planning to get a head start on your bathroom renovation plans? Have you been waiting for this since you first bought your new home? Or maybe your young adult kids are moving out, and you are planning to change up their room to a guest bedroom with attached bathroom space. Whatever your situation, you will need to find the perfect bathroom tiles for your liking.

So, how does one go about selecting the right tile for their bathroom pace? Here are four tips that can definitely make the burden a little lighter when it comes to selecting bathroom tiles for your shower.

1. Firstly, pick the tile that was first on your must-have list:

Usually, even before beginning the process of renovating, you might have dreamt of a design to include in your bathroom. It might be a design that must have resonated well with the vibe that you plan to bring to your washroom. Any which way, get these tiles for your place. Begin to foresee the design of the bathroom. 

2. Make sure that there are no more than three different types of tiles:

Now that you have chosen the first tile that you have always wanted to have in the bathroom. If you are looking for a good tile place, then check them out at oasis tiles. You will find the perfect modern bathroom and shower tiles. This first tile that you have chosen may be the most exciting element of your bathroom. So, after this, select a plain tile to help accentuate the accent tile that was first determined. Don’t have more than three different styles of tiles in the modern bathroom, as it may work against the design of the entire bathroom. Choose one accent tile, one accompanying tile that maybe for the floor or walls. 

3. Have one show stopper:

Most often, the community rules call for homes to be designed and decorated according to trends set by the world. However, the bathroom is that one perfect place that one can use to show off a part of the personality. It is one of those where anyone can take a risk with design choices and test out what they want to showcase. As mentioned above – make sure to use a highlighted tile in your bathroom that could be your show stopper and wow every visitor. Even looking cost-wise – bathrooms are smaller in size in comparison to most other rooms, so it becomes cost-effective to splurge unique showstopper tiles for your bathroom. 

4. Consider Maintenance:

Cleaning is a huge task, especially when you have to regularly do it to maintain hygiene in the bathroom, shower, sinks, and bathtubs. Porcelain or ceramic tiles work best for wet areas in the bathroom; they look great but also are easier to clean in comparison to others. Any natural stone requires more cleaning and maintenance. They are not easier to seal either, and thus it holds a lot of dirt and grime. Whatever you choose, always make sure to choose tiles that are easily maintainable. 

5. Consider Scale:

Currently, large tiles are on a high peaking trend, especially when it comes to bathroom tiles. If you chose to go with large tiles for your bathroom, it is always a great idea to have the same cut of tile in smaller sizes to use in other parts of the bathroom. This will not only establish a uniformity but be cost-effective. Other than that, this also helps in getting a minimalist look. 

Conclusively, there are so many factors that one may need to consider while going forward with any bathroom renovation. It is equally daunting to renovate the bathroom as much as other rooms, so following these four tips will definitely make the process easier for you. 


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