How Sublimation Printing T-Shirts Evolved In Garment Business?

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You might already well know by now, that there are several unique ways to created prints on t-shirts. Today, we are going to focus mainly on sublimation printing t-shirts while many of the other printing techniques are also great in their own ways.

What do You Know by Sublimation Printing?

Many of the sublimation printing companies use this technique of sublimation as this process of printing involves special sublimation ink on to sublimation transfer paper.

Sublimation ink actually becomes a part of the substrate which you are using for printing and this goes completely opposite of the traditional inkjet transfers which prints ink on top of the shirt or the fabric you are working on.

The pores will be encapsulating the ink turning it back into a solid form once you are pressing the paper onto your item and releasing its pressure. So, what is the outcome here? The pores will encapsulate the ink within the polymer coating of your items and will be closed permanently.

It is well like your very own chem experiments once the ink transforms from a solid to a gas and turning back into solid here in sublimation printing t-shirts technique.

The Facts Involved in Sublimation Clothing Printing

The collection should look elegant nowadays. Computer software is widely used for that purpose. In creating amazing designs and shades this software help a lot in creating amazing designs. In easily crafting numerous designs the computer tools help a lot.

Sublimation printing technology is used for that purpose. The graphics created on the computer get imprinted on the special transferable paper in this technique. These get imprinted on the fabric from this transferable paper. For this purpose, industrial heating and pressure applications along with special ink are used.

In creating the designs for the sportswear and garments sublimation clothing printing is widely used. Along with the logo, team name, and various other attributes, the teams want amazing designs. With the help of the computer-aided designs, this can be actually achieved. In order to offer perfect finishing a very clear printing is required.

The sublimation printing technique is thus used for this purpose. As compared to the screen printing, this is a far better technique. Offering flawless finishing to the designs is the main difference which makes sublimation printing stand out of the rest.

Non-fading in nature and possessing various attributes are the main features of this type of printing. Therefore, digital printing is used in order to offer durable and reliable designs. There are several more technologies that have come into the limelight.

The trends in the printing industry have been influenced by the evolution of science and technology. Finding tremendous usage in several industries, sublimation printing technology is a whole new technology. And this is widely used in the textile and the garment industry.

The Features Involved in Sublimation Textile Printing

Many people are often subjected to curiosity when they think that sublimation can only be done on items which are 100% polyester. Though while doing sublimation textile printing, only the polyester yarns in a garment will be retaining the ink.

There are great outcomes when sublimation in being done on poly-blends. You will get a print that looks vintage or distressed and which is of growing popularity when doing a sublimation print on a shirt that is not 100% poly.

Sublimation inks are transparent and this means that it is best to apply the prints on white or lighter colored substrates so that the image is transferred in the most appropriate manner and this is something that needs to be kept in mind.

The process of sublimation is a unique one and it works wonder to our eyes. The image which is transferred over to the fabric is long lasting and is not subjected to fading away. The finish which is involved here literally becomes one with the substrate as it is smoother, softer and looks extremely stylish one.

If you want to keep the soft-hand feel of the original garment then this is a perfect technique which is involved here. The fact that it allows you to print full-color transfers and heat press them onto your shirts instead of setting up several screens for traditional screen printing is the other reason behind it.

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