Social Monitoring and Social Listening Tools

Social Monitoring and Social Listening tools

What should you know? Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Media Listening

Your customers have a powerful voice and more likely than not, they are always trying to communicate with you through social media. Dealing with and managing all the individual messages across your social channels is definitely a complex task that mostly demands help from social media monitoring tools.

In case your brand wants to enhance customer relations and communication, then you have to respond to the inward messages.  If you don’t know where to start from then get yourself Social listening tools. These tools will do the tasks for you and get you the insights that you want.You know when you implement in an effective manner, monitoring helps you enhance and boost your brand’s communication pipeline. If you are not convinced yet it is OK because following are a few of the many undeniable benefits of social media listening tools.

Better Understanding of Listening & Observing

Another powerful way the social media monitoring can advantage your business is through learning the difference between monitoring and social listening. Far too often, these terms social media monitoring and that of social media listening are considered one in the same. While it is convenient to see why these are mixed together, monitoring and listening are both distinct methods to view, gage and analyse your audience.

Social media listening queries huge volumes of social messages from particular keywords or topics that then demand your brand to reflect and draw analysis from the those actions (through sentiment analysis or topic affinity). Speaking of Social media monitoring, it is more about process of collecting social messages into a single stream and then to take a particular action in response to every single message (through a like, comment or tasked message).

Though recording your social data gets valuable insights into how your audience interrelates with your brand or your competitors, listening is main key to analysing what customers speak when they talk about your brand. Listening is wonderful for extracting insights from your brand mentions, and on the other side monitoring gets room for your brand to add to the discussion and involve.

These two could be apples and oranges, but you must apply both these approaches to your social strategy to find out success. Truly understanding the difference in these techniques will finally help push your monitoring efforts in the correct direction.

Better approachable

Catering an excellent customer service is at the front of most brands’ initiatives. Being an approachable business or organization means you have to take into consideration every street of communication. And this most surely includes social media. You know positive brand experiences could truly have apositive impact on customers in your sales pipe. It’s always great to think of constructing strong communication with your customers as a long-term relationship. And what’s the finest way to open this line of communication? It begins with monitoring your social messages and catering the great customer experience.


So, it is apparently true that tools related to social listening and social monitoring can make things win-win for your brand.

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