Simple Ways to Fix Your Leaking Hot Water System

hot water system leaking

Don’t neglect if you find a hot water system leaking or solar hot water repairs that need to be done. 

The leaking water from your heater might not bother you much but it can seriously turn into a big dilemma.

A small leak might point to various reasons. If you neglect water system leakage in its initial stage then it could commence an immense amount of repairing bills and damage to property. 

It saves a lot of time as well as money if you know things and be prepared for any such events. 

We will go step by step to let you understand how to deal if you have a hot water system leaking or any solar hot water repairs.


Determining The Origin Of Leak 

Firstly before calling any plumber find out yourself where it is coming from.

Check whether it is leaking from the top or the bottom of your hot water system?

Is water dripping and pooling on the floor?

It can be due to Condensation formed on the pipes and appliances surrounding your water heater. 

If you notice any water leaking from your hot water system or solar hot water system then immediately rush to turn off your house power supply. Protect your house from catching short circuits and accidental fire. 

As water heater already has a fuse or a circuit breaker in times like this to guard the house. 

Note: You can locate the water meter handle in most Australian homes in the front yard or along the side of the houses.

Take precautions by turning off the water supply.


Turn off the water supply on the inlet pipe to the water heater.

This will be a small tap or level valve on pipework pointing to the bottom of the hot water system. 

If you find it difficult to close the valve then kill the switch of your mains water meter.

Note: Fill some water for your household needs before switching off the main water meter the plumber arrives. 

Repair your hot water system or Replace it with a new one. 


See if you can repair your leaking water system if it’s not that severe. 

If you find that it has some major issues then replacing it might be a better option. 

Replacing your hot water system or solar water system might be costly. 

It is recommended to not experiment on your water system with DIY to save some money. It might bring some worst-case scenarios in the upcoming future. 

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