Why Shelter Bees When they are Too Dangerous to Domesticate?

attacked by bees

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There are 8.7 million species present on earth and humans coexists with them, but that doesn’t mean you have to inhabit them in your little paradise. We are all aware of how troublesome it is to live with the pest infestation in a house, more than troublesome it is dangerous and unhygienic.

To get rid of them is a hell of a task, especially when it comes to bees and wasps, their removal is extremely difficult not just for commoners but for trained exterminators too. Many incidents of exterminators and ordinary people being severely injured by bee stung have been reported in the past.

What makes bees and wasps most dangerous?

  • Bees are very smart insects, and they function efficiently as a community. They live together and have different functions allocated for different hierarchical divisions amongst them. Bees and wasp only differ morphologically from each other; however, they have similar social characteristics.
  • Bees build their colonies, with thousands of them staying in it. They give birth to their offspring in their hives and once you try to get near their hives, they will defend their territory and can attack you in swarms.
  • Bees don’t infect you with diseases like other insects, but they have been empowered by nature with venomous stingers. If they bite someone, it causes tremendous pain and trauma.
  • The bee stung can be extremely fatal. It can produce different reactions, ranging from temporary pain and discomfort to a severe allergic reaction.
  • Not only the bees but the hives yet alone can also be harmful too. A hive without bees can start to melt and leak in summers; also if it starts decaying it stinks badly, and chances of recolonization by other bees are always there.
  • Beehives can cause more considerable damage to your houses as they attract other pests, animals, and insects like ants.
  • Research suggests that the figures of injuries caused due to bee biting have been increased in the past in Manchester city; also it has been observed that people with bee allergies are scared to move out of their houses especially during summers because bees reproduce faster in this season.

If you have a beehive near your home, chances of your child getting bitten by a bee during summer vacations are high, but that doesn’t mean you can let your child live with such fright.

Hence it is of utmost importance to get rid of the hive as early as possible, but that doesn’t reflect upon you doing it on your own. Don’t try to kill the bees because that won’t be a solution you might get injured; also it would not really suffice the purpose as the queen bee lays thousands of eggs at a time.

The only thing that you can do is –

First of all, identify which kind of bee infestation has happened and in which areas of your house, they may colonize at more than one place at a time.

It might be a wasp nest or a beehive, and you can then reach out to professionals who are equipped with special tools and know specific techniques to do the job of the beehive and wasp nest removal in Manchester.

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