Role of Indian Spices in Indian History

Indian Spices in Indian History

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Introduction to Indian Spices

The Indian food has a great reputation all over the globe for its amazing taste, color, and flavor. But the secret behind the delicious Indian food is always the spices used in them. According to the taste, the Indian and Egyptian spices are the best in the world. They are known for their appealing aroma which adds extra taste to any dish. The Mughals are known for their best use of spices since the 14th century. The dishes made by them are delicious and have a perfect blend of many different spices.

We, in India, not only use spices for food but we also use them to cure ailments. They attract our various senses like their smell feels amazing to us, the vibrant colors are treat to eyes and the unique taste of every spice is just delicious. India is ranked at the top right now in terms of exporting spice around the world. As India is a vast country so different types of environment are there like high rainfall, heavy humidity, cool, hot, or dry weather. So, different types of spices grow in different regions. The taste of Indian food has never changed due to spices like turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, coriander and red chili which are grown in different parts of the country.

Indian Masala: Origin Spices

In rural parts of India, the spices are grinded in mortar and pastel which gives much more unique taste to the food as hand grinded spices always have more taste when compared to the machine grinded ones. Different spices like turmeric, ginger, and fenugreek are also used as medicines since ancient times. There are many ayurvedic manuscripts mentioning the spices. Ginger helps in preventing dyspepsia, turmeric is known for giving glowing skin and curing stomach ulcers, and pepper acts as an antihistamine.

Other than these, spices are also used to stop the rotting of food items. The growth of bacteria is slowed down by them which help in the preservation of food. There are many places in India where the lack of electricity is pretty evident; there the people use to preserve the food using the technique. A few spices like fennels, cardamom, and clove are used as mouth fresheners. They prevent the heartburn in your body and also help in proper digestion curb nausea.

Spices are loved by Indians but they are also famous across the globe. The western people have also started to add them to various dishes now. Not only that, but they are used for medical purpose too, which has stimulated the agriculture industry.

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