When it comes to job oriented courses after 12th science, nursing stands out. This profession got such a huge appeal, especially in the case of female students. Nursing is genuinely a good option for those who want to start with a well-paying job. This article will bring before you some really handy tips related to nursing courses, job scope (abroad), and procedures to land for good nurses vacancies in abroad.


Steps to become a Registered Nurse in abroad:


The very first step is to complete graduation in nursing. One may go for B Sc, M Sc in nursing, or go for Diploma courses associated with nursing. Even male students can take up these courses.

To work abroad, an Indian nurse has to complete the ‘bridging program’ or the ‘adaptation program’ of that particular country abroad. This has to be followed by registering as a nurse in that country through their Nursing Registration Council or any such organization. Nurses are in huge demand worldwide. There are many job vacancy for nurses in abroad. It is one of the most meaningful careers that the whole world needs right now. If you are looking for a nurse’s job vacancy abroad, you must go through the following points before applying for it:


  1. A guaranteed long-term contract:


A contract for a long period gives you the long-term financial security you need to move to, and live abroad. Also, these contracts often get renewed.


  1. Manageable work hours:


Every overseas nurse working abroad will have a standard working week, affording you a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, if you want to work extra hours, you will be rewarded with extra pay for every hour of overtime you work.


  1. Paid training:


As an overseas nurse, you will need to undertake a two-part competency test to meet the job vacancy for nurses in abroad. The first part is a computer-based test (CBT) which tests your theoretical nursing knowledge and is completed before you arrive in the respective country. The second part is the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). This tests your practical skills and will be taken when you arrive in the location.


  1. A comprehensive induction program:


Joining a new job can make you tense, especially when you’re arriving from thousands of miles away. Because of this, most of the agencies provide a thoroughly comprehensive induction program, aiding your transition into life abroad, and allowing you to be the very best nurse you can be right from the start.


  1. On-site accommodation:


Finding and moving to a new home can be stressful, especially when you are relocating to a new country. Because of this, most of the agencies who fill nurses vacancies in abroad will provide you with eight weeks of free accommodation to help you settle when you arrive, giving you time to explore your new city, familiarize yourself with the area and find a place to call home.


This profession has huge respect worldwide as nurses not only work for salaries but also help improve the quality of life of patients under their care by monitoring and taking care of the patient’s health by using their professional medical knowledge.


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