Quad Bike Tyres – What is Legal and What’s Not!

Quad Bike Tyres - What is Legal and What's Not

Tyres- What’s The Difference? 

There are numerous types of ATV Quad bike tyres available on the market and all have a completely different job. The is only one thing which you have to remember and it is that the tyre you need for road use should always have the correct stamp or logo/kite sign which ensures that it is for road use.

Many of the tyres are currently being used on the road are not legal and do not carry any safety stamp, which in turn can turn into a few points on your license and some cash from your wallet.

There are different size of ATV quad tyres available in the market. Some of them are:

  •  6 Inch ATV tyres 
  • 10 inch ATV tyres 
  • 12 inch ATV tyres and so on.

What Are The Alternatives? 


Style – Field Trax

These are the type of tire that is used for utility use mainly as they cause less damage to the ground. A typical use of this type of tire would be for a vehicle carrying tools on a school field or maybe on a golf course.

Style – Pathfinder

Something for the weekend taken to another level! If you find yourself off road more as compared to on the road then, this is the style of tire that fits best for you. Based on an attempted and tested pattern used primarily on the sand, the style of the tyre pulls grip from the center line and pushes it out sideways.

Style – Turf Tamers

This style of ATV Quad bike tyres is primarily used on fields where you need to cross causing the least amount of damage. Again these are mainly used for schools, colleges and golf courses to save creating too much damage.

Style – Knobbly

The good old knobbly tire is one of the first “E” Marked road tyres that did not look like it was designed for the tarmac. These tires are probably the best way forward of you use on road and off road. Each manufacturer’s tires are different, and may not have “E” Marks.

Style – Knarly

When looking for the extreme tire for off-road work then this is the beast of beasts. The Knarly has more beef as compared to the average deli counter and can take the roughest of terrains. This tire should only be used for off-road work as it does not carry and rating stamp.

If you are also looking for the Maxxis ATV tyres in Australia then there is no need to go here and there. Just sit relax and search on the internet. There are many online stores that offer this type of tyres at a very affordable price. 

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