Putting Green Mower and Putting Green Maintenance

Mowing is an important day-to-day maintenance practice that keeps your staff busy almost the entire working day. As there are different areas affecting the playability in different ways, you need separate mowers for different areas. A greens mower is one of the mowers you need. This mower is used for the preparation of the putting surface which is the most important playing area. So, whether you are buying a new mower or a used golf course equipment, make sure that it can deliver the expected results without causing any damage to turf.  

Putting Greens Mowers 

There are two variants of putting greens mowers. So, before you start looking for golf course equipment for sale, evaluate and assess your requirements again and invest in the right type of putting greens mower. Following are the two variants of this type of mower: 

  1. Walk-behind mowers 
  2. Triplex mowers 

 Walk-Behind Mower  

Though you can achieve the highest degree of conditioning and the best quality of cut, you need to have a considerable amount of time and other resources while using walk-behind mowers.    

Riding Triplex Mowers 

These larger mowers are much more efficient. Setting three cutting units and ensuring the quality of cut and putting quality is extremely difficult. This difficulty can affect the appearance of the green.  

The majority of golf course mowers are reel mowers. Mowers for lawns and many sports fields are often rotary mowers. A rotary mower has horizontally mounted one steel blade underneath the mower deck. This rapidly turning blade creates a vacuum effect. This effect makes grass blades stand and cut them using the horizontally rotating blade. This can tear the leaf blade. 

A putting green reel mower uses a scissoring action with its number of blades between 9 and 15. These blades are spinning vertically. This scissoring action occurs against a fixed bedknife cutting the grass. You can achieve a precise height of cut with a putting green reel mower. A well maintained and properly set mower can offer very clean cut and also maintain a healthy plant. Your reel mower should have more blades to achieve the desired lower HOC.     

In order to achieve the desired green speeds and a smooth putting surface, these mowers are designed to mow low. The HOC can be lowered to around 0.125. With the height of cut being that low, there is a little room for error. This makes it important to calibrate greens mowers daily. 

It is the technician’s or mechanic’s job to adjust the height of cut and check the quality of cut. The height of cut is continually adjusted throughout the season keeping the following factors in mind: 

  • The growth of turf 
  • Time of the year 
  • Environmental stress 

Mowing height typically ranges between 0.188 inches and 0.090 inches. Keep in mind that cutting the grass lower leaves less leaf surface which is not good for the health of the plant. So, the grass’s ability to tolerate stress depends on its height of cut. 

Proper putting-greens management starts with the evaluation of putting greens. The objective is to achieve a firm, smooth and consistent surface. Assess rooting depth, grass type, and overall health of the grass. It is important to develop a maintenance program. You should have a regular maintenance program outlining the primary maintenance procedures. Following are the effective management factors you should consider: 

  • Mowing frequency
  • Mowing height 
  • Sand topdressing rate and frequency 
  • Aeration diameter 
  • Aeration frequency and depth                 
  • Rolling frequency 
  • Irrigation practices 
  • Root depth 
  • Fertility level and grass succulence 

Properly inspect and test if you are buying used golf course equipment. Make sure that you are choosing the right equipment and have the greens maintenance plan in place.

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