How to Protect Carpet from Dog Urine

Protect Carpet from Dog Urine

Who doesn’t like cuddling with puppies?

They are the living embodiment of love and cuteness.

But having a pet, especially a dog, brings a lot in plate than just cuddle and hugs. You need to train them and until you do, you’ll have to bear the consequences on your own. Even if your dog is potty trained, accidents can happen. So you’ll have to be prepared for these consequences of having a pet at all time if you want the hugs, cuddles, and kisses. And a lot of these consequences is rounded around the furniture, cushions, and carpets you have.

However, your furniture might not get affected that much by the urine because you can always wipe them off. Also, you can just change or replace the cushions but either of them, wiping or replacing won’t do the trick with carpet.

Why Dog Urine is the kryptonite for carpets?

As I have said, wiping as you would wipe the furniture will not work with your carpets. Also, you cannot replace it like cushions or pillows because they are not cheap to be honest.

So, once your dog urinates on them, you cannot but take care of the big carpet and wash it up as quickly as possible. As quickly as possible because the longer dog’s urine is on your carpet, the more damage it does to it, just like how long exposure to kryptonite weakens and eventually makes him powerless.

But in your case, the carpet won’t be able to get rid of the smell and stains by absorbing solar radiation as Superman would do to regain his strength.

You’ll have to take care of your carpet on your own. But don’t worry if you are unaware of how to protect your carpet when the pee-accidents happen. Allow me to teach you.

Cleaning your carpet to get rid of the smell of urine

Dog urine can cover the entire room with ammonia-like smell and if the urine stays on the carpet for too long, you might need some professional help to get rid of the embarrassing smell before you invite anyone in your house. But if you can detect it quickly, you might be able to get rid of the smell quickly without making the smell permanent your room.

For this, you’ll need some special cleaning agent or detergent.

  1. Paper towel or old clothes to blot up the moisture
  2. Freshwater to rinse the carpet
  3. Powdered odor eliminators that you can find in any super shop around you. There are some other forms of these odor eliminators like the liquid ones which use enzyme ingredients. These enzymes eliminate the bacteria which causes the smell to grow.
  4. Weight

How to clean the carpet to get rid of the smell:

  1. Before you proceed to use the odor eliminators, first, you’ll have to rinse the carpet using fresh and clean water.
  2. Then go ahead and use odor eliminators (liquid form or powder form) on the carpet.
  3. Now gently rub the surface of the carpet using your hand or soft brush. To put too much pressure on the carpet with the brush or don’t use hard-bristled brushes because you don’t want to ruin the fibers of your carpet.
  4. Use towel or paper towels to blot up the moisture from the carpet. Make sure you blot up every last drop of water from the carpet. This is the most important part. If any moisture is left on the carpet, the odor-producing bacteria will start to grow again.

To ensure most of the water is soaked by the paper towel or old clothes, you can keep the towel or cloth on the carpet long enough for the water to be absorbed entirely. Also, you can put pressure on the towels with books or heavyweight so that the carpet is pressed against it firmly.

  1. Then you need to keep the carpet on open space for drying. But remember, some liquid odor eliminator requires saturation of the carpet. That’s why it could lead the carpets to dry for days or weeks without blotting.

Cleaning your carpet to get rid of the stains of urine

Cleaning your carpet
Now, let’s talk about the stain that dog leaves when they urinate.

Well, if the urine produces both strong odor and stains, following the steps of the previous odor-cleansing process would suffice. But if the odor is not that strong then you could use this method to clean the stains only, without the enzyme-enabled odor eliminators. For this procedure, you would find everything in your home.

Things you’ll need to get the urine stain remover:

  1. Few drops of liquid dishwashing soap
  2. Old clothed or towel or rag
  3. A cup of warm water
  4. Vinegar
  5. Clean water
  6. Paper towel
  7. Weight

Now follow these steps:

  1. First, use old pieces of clothes to absorb the moisture from the carpet (I mean the urine).
  2. Next, take a cup and pour hot water into it. Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap into the warm water.
  3. Now, pour down the solution into the places where your dog urinated or where the stains are visible.
  4. Rub those places with your hands or soft-bristled rush for a while to make sure the fibers are properly clean.
  5. Then take some vinegar and add it to clean and fresh water. In a bucket, fill 3 quarter water and one-quarter of vinegar. Depending on your carpet, you can use as many buckets of water as you need to clean the carpet.
  6. Next, rinse the places you put the soap solution using the vinegar-water mixture.
  7. Now, take a lot of paper towel and put it on to the carpet. Similar to the way explained in the previous method, blot the moisture out using paper towel or clothes and weight.
  8. Leave it to dry.

And that’s it. You got yourself a clean and fresh carpet free of the stinking smell and stains of dog urine.

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