3 Innovative Ideas for Property Management Customer Service

Property Management Customer Service

Good Customer Service Tips for Property Management

Customer service is soaring high in the marketing industry, a genuine catchphrase & making headlines all over the internet.

Real estate industry is getting more personal and active everyday which means building stronger and lasting relationship with key customers and clients has never been more important. Survival requires extreme creativity and thinking beyond the usual for it’s crucial to find new prospects and retain the existing ones. In short, you need to have outstanding interpersonal skills for the best customer service to build credibility.

Keeping up with the trend, property management companies now centre on their customers relying on amazing service, thus drive sales and grow business. Nevertheless, customer service initiatives are far more effective and affordable than any other marketing strategies to date.

In fact, a general survey revealed that growing businesses now strive to provide the best customer service which has significantly helped them to lead the game and stay competitive, even when compared to some of the bigger companies that struggle in providing quality customer service.

A responsive and customised service is a major differentiator in competitive industry. Let’s have a look at some of the most innovative customer service ideas you can implement in property management.

Clearly Define the Goals

Customer service that’s more personal, flexible and memorable is the most impactful and success of your business is defined if you’ve all the above. It’s thus important to take some time out of your busy schedule and show interest in the clients and residents. Personal acknowledgement is a powerful tool in establishing deeper, lasting and loyal relationships while cultivating the culture even further. Take time to recognise special moments and milestones of your valuable customers and clients like birthdays, anniversaries and other achievements to ensure that you actually care.

Nowadays, there’re many different and interactive technologies to log and remind you of the important dates and events. Make good use and don’t hesitate to drop a cheerful birthday greeting card or an anniversary gift as a gesture of goodwill and to show that you actually care. To compete in the digital age as of now, there’re many AI-powered gifting portals that reaches out with an automatic reminder as well as a sentiment thus a perfect solution to a stronger PR.

Drop Some Friendly Texts

How well and updated are your communication strategies? From phone calls to text messages and emails, consumers now prefer personalised messages from the brands for maximum engagement. The same holds true for real estate industry and if you’re among the competitive real estate developers in Dubai, text message communication is now gaining momentum in line with the millennials expectations since most of the buyers/renters today are millennials between 25 and 40 years of age.

And while face-to-face communication has no alternative, using technology at hand for the best gives you a competitive edge in customer services irrespective of the industry. That said, there’re many different property management software and mobile apps that you can utilise for maximum efficiency and competence.

Be Obvious

It happens to almost everyone in the real estate industry; even the smallest disaster or mishap, even economic fluctuation can put you in crisis since property management is highly volatile and different everywhere. When things get tough, you shouldn’t run but stand firm and shield the homeowners and renters from all the problems, which apparently puts you in a much better place.

But then some issues crop up because of the existing customers such as significant delay or non-payment of the rent, landscaping without prior notice and other such things. If such is happening or you see some indications in coming time, better step up and clearly communicate the rules to avoid problems from becoming major issues that might put both parties at risk.

Be transparent with everything rather than stirring a fight or fuelling the fire. When you put people at the forefront of your business, the relationship fosters and lasts longer than expected.

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