How Professional Shredders and Minimalism Keep You More Secure

Professional Shredders and Minimalism

Professional Shredders and Minimalism Working Schedule

Minimalism, the philosophy that believes you should discard whatever is unnecessary, is really having a moment now in North America. Between the tidiness of the organizing guru Marie Kondo and the modern tendency to live and work in smaller areas, many people are making their living and work spaces clutter-free.

Not only does this help you feel more tranquil and focused, this can also help keep you safer from data breaches. Let’s take a closer look at how professional shredders and the pursuit of minimalism work together to prevent you from suffering a data breach.

Less Clutter, Less Liability

One of the best and healthiest ways to keep your business information safe is to destroy whatever information poses a potential risk to you, and which you no longer need anymore. If you feel that sensitive information relating to such things as tax information, banking records or business contracts is still necessary, store it somewhere secure.

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Otherwise, shred it. Not only will this keep you safer, it’s been proven that living around less clutter is good for you: it leads to having more energy, less anxiety and more concentration. Any outcome that makes you safer from security breaches and simply makes you happier is definitely a win-win.

Home and Office Need a Purge

It doesn’t matter where the sensitive information and the clutter is, it needs to be destroyed securely. Even homeowners who don’t run their own business can be targeted for a data breach.

While the focus in newspapers is usually on high-profile victims, many criminals specifically seek out low profile victims because they can’t devote the same time and money to security.

Just filing taxes, paying bills, and other ordinary activities can produce sensitive paperwork that you need to keep confidential. Does your home have a stash of old paper documents that you haven’t looked at in years? Professional paper shredders can come to your location with their mobile shredding truck, or they can transport your documents to their facilities where they will be securely destroyed.

It’s easy to understand why an office space needs to be purged of sensitive information, but whether it’s your basement home office or even documents stored in a filing folder in the kitchen, neutralizing the potential security threats in your home is just as important.

Paper and Electronic Data Need to Be Destroyed

We may associate information shredding with the image of paper shredding, but these days a lot of data is stored electronically — in either case, it needs to be professionally shredded.

Industry leaders in information destruction can securely eliminate everything from cell phones, USB drives, tablets and even photocopier memory cards. The key is that the microchips are destroyed to the point where the info on them cannot be recovered. Don’t let old electronics clutter your life, either.

It doesn’t matter whether you are destroying old unnecessary paper or electronic devices out of a desire to stay secure, or to enjoy the benefits of minimalism — whatever the motivation, you’ll be happier and safer, just call a professional shredder and get started today.

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