Top 4 Popcorn Packaging Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Types of Popcorn Packaging

The Best Types of Popcorn Packaging

Feeling an appetite or want to enjoy the movie with something to munch? Popcorns are the snack that immediately pops up in mind. This is such an amazing snack that every kid, youngster, and even elders get attracted to its aromatic smell. It is in a fashion that people love to enjoy a bowl of popcorn while watching their favorite series or one of the scary movies. Due to the increase in the demand for popcorn boxes, the brands are facing fierce competition and looking for the outstanding ideas that make their popcorn-packaging standout. So here are the top 4 packaging ideas that will win the customer’s hearts.

  1. The plastic bags with a twist tie knot.

This is the cheapest type of solution for your popcorn packaging. The clear crystal plastic bags give a vivid visualization of the color, shape, and quantity inside the pack. They can be quickly filled and sealed by twisting the top end and tie it with some rubber band or rope. This solution will be managed speedily and will give you a significant profit. Your customers will love to buy these sack shaped snacks.

  1. Tin boxes

Up next are the tin boxes. This is an improved version of the plastic bags as they are made of high-quality tin which adds up to it being costly. Tin material is best in preserving the taste and smell of the food. Once sealed with its lid on, they protect the contents from moisture and odor, giving you an airtight pack. Your leftover will remain fresh just like when bought.

  1. Printed popcorn snack box or zip lock

Custom printed popcorn boxes and zip lock bags are easy to carry and store your product. They are comfortable and convenient for customers to use. You can personalize these crates with an image or your creative design that looks appealing to your customers. They are widely used in the cinemas to serve popcorns lovers. Custom Popcorn Boxes offered by PakBoxes can be ordered for your parties’ gathering. You can serve your guests in these crates that are spacious and come in different sizes and shapes. You can opt for a square or circle bucket type box. The zip lock will be slightly higher in price but suits your premium popcorns well.

  1. Popcorn stand up pouch

Out of all the options that are discussed, these stand-up bags are the best. They come up with an after seal which protects the contents when once opened. They are airtight as well. They are made of the quality material that does not leave the corn rotten or soggy. The best thing about these bags is that they stand up. It does not matter how little your product weighs but stand up pouches are made to stand on the store shelf. Due to this, they are eye-catching and favorably taken by the customers while buying other products.

These ideas will give your customers a reason to buy only your popcorn instead of others. As every foody wants to buy their favorite snack in an adorable pack.

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