Everything you need to know about planter boxes for your windows

Planter boxes are containers where different kinds of plants and herbs are placed for pure air and to beautify a given space. These planter boxes are popular with apartments and offices where there is not much space for land gardening. Usually available in two broad types, movable and stable, planter boxes come in a myriad of sizes and styles to fit any desired space. 

Some popular types of Planter boxes include the deck rail, window, flow-through, raised bed, and infiltration planter boxes. In this article, we will look at the most popular one among all of them, the window planter boxes, its types, uses, and everything you need to know about them. 

Before you choose to freshen up your home space with a bit of window gardening, you need to start from knowing the basics. Apart from the obvious ideas of keeping in mind that the window boxes match up with the length and the breadth of the widow and must not come in the way of operating of the window itself, you should assess and evaluate your expectations from the final look of the planter box and whether or not your expectations can be matched with the space and resources available. Here we are describing a few types of window boxes that you can choose from

The versatile Wooden Window Boxes

Wooden window boxes are the most versatile planter boxes that suit any type of given space and lasts for many years and do not require much aftercare and upkeep. You really can never go wrong with wooden window boxes. While Elm, Oak, Ash or teak are good choices in wooden window boxes, try to avoid softwood window planter as they tend to rot very fast. Wooden window boxes are easy to make, and you can DIY your own planter boxes with hardwood as the ideal choice of material and making sure the planter box is deep enough with just the right proportions. Alternatively, you can get yourself customized window boxes if you want to avoid all the work and still won planter boxes. 

The concrete planters

Concrete planter boxes are stable and precast boxes that are built along the balcony sills. No, chances of falling and breaking of the fixed planters constructed with the balconies. 

The Affordable Plastic Window Boxes

Plastic window boxes are often the cheapest kind of planter boxes. Being light and effectively rot-proof, plastic window boxes may initially seem like a good option, however, keep in mind that they are notorious for breaking easily and becoming brittle with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Plastic wooden boxes over time become distorted and are inconvenient to handle when filled with soil. Having said all that, both plastic and fiberglass window planter boxes are often preferred for short term uses in shaded places for their ability to retain moisture. They come equipped with their own drip trays. 

Some tips for your window boxes

  • Always make sure your window boxes are fastened securely with chains and brackets
  • Ensure that the planter boxes are on the same level as the windowsills.
  • Ensure that the planters are properly equipped with drip trays to avoid having any dripping accidents over passersby if the window is hanging over a street. 

Hire professional help if installing a window planter seems like an impossible task to accomplish on your own. This will also save the exterior of your house from any unwarranted damages or hanging baskets for flowers from the ceiling

Think of your window space as your personal corner and choose the right model window planter that suits your windows and your preferences best. 

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