Helpful Tips in Planning a Funeral Memorial Service

Funeral Memorial Service

Losing a loved one is not easy since the bereaved family and friends have to go through stages of grievance in order to move on. While death is inevitable in this lifetime, the memory of your lost loved one will always remain in your heart and mind. 

This is why a funeral memorial service is so important because it doesn’t only commemorate the memories of the deceased, it also allows people to say goodbye and offers a safe place for family members and friends to come together and come out of their grief.

Having said, planning the memorial service of the deceased must be special and meticulous. The following tips will help you plan out the perfect memorial service for your loved one.

Set the Time and Date

Memorial services are all about coming together as a family in order to support each other during this trying time. Hence, selecting the time and date of the memorial service should consider those family members travelling from out of town. You may ask family members about their availability and preference and go for the option the majority wants. Informing family members ahead of time will give them time to prepare and be present on the day of the event.

Pick a Location or Venue

When choosing a location, the top priority must be accessibility since there are guests coming from a different city or even country to attend the service. Consider as well the number of confirmed attendees and your budget specifications. 

Make a Guest List and Send the Invitations Out

After getting input from family members, send out a formal invitation to them. This will keep everything organized and allows you to track how many people are attending in order to determine the right venue and activities.

Select a Theme for the Funeral Memorial Service

A theme for the event ensures that the service’s focus is towards the person who passed away. Try to check if the deceased has a will with specifications of the things he wanted for his memorial. If not, discuss among family members what their preferences are and arrive at a decision that the majority will agree upon.

Incorporate Funeral Memorial Cards

A funeral memorial card is usually a small and sturdy card through lamination offering a tribute to the deceased. This is very important because all of the special details about the deceased are written on the card which will stay with the bereaved family and friends throughout the ages.

Determine Who Will Conduct the Event

For religious people, church ministers can perform this task. But there are families who opt to hire someone that is not connected to any religion to oversee the service. 

Determine Your Guest Speakers 

One of the key components of a memorial service is having people to talk about the life of the deceased and their experiences encountering the person. Arrange for a meeting with those who come in mind and inform them ahead of time so no problem will arise later on. 

Arrange the Details 

In any service, there must be a flow. And this is where arranging the details takes place. Decide on the flow of the program. Who will be the host for the whole service duration? Arrange the sequence of the eulogy. Choose the most appropriate music for the occasion. Create a video or compilation of the memories of the deceased when he was still alive. And most importantly, select the refreshments and the food you would like to serve to your guests. 

Planning a funeral memorial service is indeed a tedious process considering the fact that the family is already grieving. But when someone is special in your life, you wouldn’t really mind going the extra mile just to commemorate his memories and celebrate his life. So, to ease your load, follow those tips above in order to give your loved one the best memorial service!

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