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Office Relocation

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Steps to Successful Office Relocation

It’s now official, you’re finally want to move your business premises. An important step, a positive sign of development, but one that needs to be well prepared. Indeed, moving offices is never an easy task and requires a precise organization so that your employees can ensure the continuity of their work in the best conditions. But with the help of Man and Van Fulham, you can decrease your stress. Here are 5 key steps to calmly consider this turning point in the life of your business.

  1. Communicate internally

Once the decision to relocate is made and the new premises found, quickly formalize the news internally by communicating it to all of your teams so that they are aware of this great change and can organize themselves accordingly. Feel free to circulate a note announcing the precise date of the move and the procedure that will be implemented to achieve it. Communication and transparency will avoid creating tensions with your employees.


  1. Anticipate administrative procedures

Moving does not just mean finding new premises and moving in, but it also means having to do a variety of paperwork, both to leave your current office and to get the best out of the new ones. So, think several weeks before the day of departure to take care of the following formalities:

  • Inform the change in the company’s situation and in particular the address of its head office: this approach requires at least one month in advance for the change to be effective.
  • Proceed to the cancellation of all subscriptions contracted for your old offices(insurance, electricity, internet, gas, etc.) at least one to two weeks before the move. Unmissable procedure before you can subscribe to your new subscriptions for your next premises. As such, you can consult Man and Van Fulham the procedure to be followed to make sure everything safe and secure, make your moving exciting and tension free.
  • Subscribe all the electricity and/or energy contracts for your new offices(gas, electricity, etc.). It would be a shame to arrive on the spot without the possibility of lighting or heating the rooms, which would directly harm the comfort of your employees and their productivity. You can already get more information about the Engine gas purchase process.
  1. Make an inventory of your equipment

Organizing a move of premises is a significant task, at least in terms of pure logistics. To avoid cluttering up with furniture items that you will not use in your new premises, or to bring defective equipment with you, consider sorting upstream and an inventory of your equipment, especially at the computer and electronic level. This inventory must, among other things, allow you to establish orders for new equipment needed for your future offices, and facilitate the development as soon as possible.



  1. Use a Movers service

If it is sometimes possible to organize your own move with the help of a few relatives, this possibility seems much less realistic at the level of a company. It is therefore strongly advised to use The House Removal company (again, contacted sufficiently in advance) so that they proceed to the displacement of your personal and professional belongings from point A to point B. In addition, it is a Low cost and trusted house removals services opting for this type of service allows you to focus on the essentials, namely the transition between the two offices and the comfort of your team during this change.

  1. Respect his schedule of actions

To make your move with peace of mind, the best solution is still to have an organization leaving nothing to chance. If you have prepared retro planning of actions to be done before D-Day, it is important to stick to the end, so that your move is efficient and fast. Thus, everyone will quickly find his equipment and can easily get back to work.

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