4 Awesome Office Design Ideas to Impress Your Clients

Impress your Clients with Amazing Office Designs

How to Impress your Clients with Amazing Office Designs?

The first impression created is often the last impression so special care must be taken to see to the fact that the first impression is really good, especially when it concerns your business. Hence you should design your office in a manner that is eye catching and yet subtle and sophisticated. Hiring a commercial interior design companies in Bangalore can solve all your problems but then it is not always possible to do so for budget constraints. Here are some things that you can try out for office designs yourself.

Do not Mess Up your Space:

Keep the place clutter free. That is the principal criterion of office design. In the heights of work hours, there is so much of bustling around and the employees need adequate space to move around freely and do their work. So select furniture that is not bulky. Your clients should not feel they are walked into a disorganized space because that is the idea they will end up having about your company. Only have the essentials in your office but at the same time make sure they are classic and sophisticated.

Clean Lines and Sleek Designs:

The next criterion is that the furniture should have sleek lines. Anything connected to office designs should not have unnecessary ornamentations. They should fulfill your office work requirements and hence you should look into their functionality while buying them. Try not to go for a Victorian theme or any such periodic designs, unless of course your company has a specific need for it. Your office is your investment and it should help you put your ideas across effectively.

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The other furnishings and lighting also play a vital role in office design. The lightings should be bright and clear but you should also keep provisions for dim lighting for the presentation rooms. The other furnishings should be light and muted in color without any kind of large or distracting prints. The curtains should be heavy so that do not flap around. You may also have sound proof doors and furniture. The flooring should be premium but should be anti- skid. At the same time, try to use a pop of color here and there or else the office would end up looking too stark and monotonous.

Easy to Clean:

Lastly, you should see that in whichever manner you might design your office; it facilitates your regular cleaning. No use designing and placing objects in a way that hampers the cleaning and obstructs the office hours. Hence, do not opt for materials like velvets and silks for the drapes, curtains or sofas. If you want plush sofas, opt for leather or faux- leather furniture instead. They look smart and official, without being too overbearing and an occasional polish with a leather cream is all that it takes to keep it in good shape.

When all these home interior design ideas fall into place, you will have a wonderful office to boast of for sure.

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