5 Things You Need To Accomplish Before Launching an Online Store

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Preparing for the big launch of you online store can be a bit unnerving. There are lot of factors that need to be considered. Is the website as good as it can be? Is the product range interesting enough to captivate prospective customers? Is there a sustainable market for them?

These are things that need to be taken care of in the initial planning stages of the business. Let’s talk about the things, business owner need to do before they hit publish on the e-commerce website. The following things, when done in a proper way, can catapult your business, head and shoulders above the competition.

  1. Have Website monitoring mechanism in place

Before creating an online store in India, the first thing to do is tracking website traffic and conversions. The best way to accomplish this is through Google Analytics. It comprises of inserting a bit of code into the setup and you need to configure the website tracking to develop your sales goals.

  1. Establish a Newsletter

An email newsletter is one of the most potent tools to have in your marketing arsenal. An email marketing campaign will launch you directly into the prospective client’s inboxes on a regular basis. This is an excellent opportunity to endear the business to the customers through discounts, coupons and provide helpful information.

On customer subscription, customers will be expecting at least one email from the business right away. Business owners can have several follow-up emails pre written to avoid the risk of falling behind the schedule during the hustle and bustle of the site launch.

  1. Maintain an active presence on Social Media

Social media presence is an absolute necessity when running an online store. This is the most probable way people will come to know of your products for the first time. It is vital to establish exceptional profiles as soon as possible.

Business owners need to establish the brand’s profile on every single social media website. It is a good idea to concentrate on Facebook and Twitter to have a rock-solid engagement level. Entrepreneurs should customize their cover and profile photos when creating an online store in India to make the brand stand out and resonate.

  1. Establish a backup plan

Every single e-commerce owner should back up their sites on a consistent basis.Individual and inventory pages should be frequently updated when compared to remaining websites. It is absolutely vital that you come up with a priority plan to back up your website and its data in case of a technological disaster.

  1. Determine your Shipping Options

Shipping can make or break your e-commerce store. Customers who add your products to their shopping cart can break away from the sale if the shipping costs are on the higher side. This is particularly true when you’re selling something which is commonly sold on the Internet. Businesses that sell wholesale products need to think about shipping costs before the store goes live.


Businessowner’s should pay attention to the quantum of time, leading up to its launch to make the highest impact on the industry. Businesses and SMEs can create free online stores through reputed website builders who offer secure payment gateways.

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