7 Ways to Make Any Presentation Interactive

Make Your Presentation Interesting
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Get Easy Tricks To Make Your Presentation Interesting

Public speaking is a horror for most people. Even if they are good at public speaking, it frightens them and makes them nervous. But with practice and guidance, everyone can become a public speaker and face a big crowd.

Even if you deliver a speech overcoming your stage fright, it is not certain that your audience will show interest in your presentation. The way you present your thoughts through speaking is important too. If you want to engage people you have to deliver a presentation that is fun and talks about the relevant topic in the form of a story. Even if you use a presentation template or slides to talk about your topic, make sure that they are interesting and to the point.

An effective presentation can engage your audience and leave an impression on them. It is a tough job, but with practice and these tips, you can easily nail your next presentation.

Let’s check out 6 tips that will make any presentation interesting:

Keep the presentation sweet and short

It is important that you keep your presentation short and sweet. A presentation that is longer makes the audience lose interest, and your key points will not make any effects.

Use well thought-out phrases in your presentation that are short and to the point.

Start the presentation with an ice breaker

At the start of your presentation, you are a stranger to the audience. They have no rapport with you, and in order to get warm feedback from them, it’s necessary to invoke an emotional response from them.

Start your presentation with a line that encourages them to connect with you. What kind of ice-breaker you use is up to you, but these are the most successful:

  • Joking
  • Narrating an interesting anecdote or event
  • Using a metaphor or comparing things related to your topic.
  • Start the presentation one way and then changing its direction
  • Use a quote by a famous person and so on.

Narrate a Story

When presenting a speech, it is necessary to have a structure. It will help you present your speech in a manner of telling stories, filled with emotions and twist. If you ramble or state only facts, it will become a boring session.

Break your speech into short paragraphs like:

  • Ice-breaker
  • Introducing the topic and your ideas
  • Your goals that you want the audience to get
  • Conclusion.

Talk briefly on these points, and leave a conclusion that gets people thinking.

Use images in your slides if using a power-point presentation

If you are using a power-point presentation to deliver your point more effectively, you can use PowerPoint presentation or any other software. Canva is another tool to help you with the creation of beautiful presentations. It has many presentation templates from you to choose your favorite one from. When using slides for your presentation; make sure to create a slide that is more fun and vibrant. Don’t only use black and white colors; add different colors and images in your slides.The Images should be mostly positive and fun to get your point across, but in a light way.

Make use of humor while presenting

If you want your presentation to connect with the audience, use humor in it. The subject can be anything, but it is important to use your natural humor, charisma and sophisticated language.

It will help you get your point across easily and make the crowd excited about your presentation. Humor especially works best when your slides have points about some serious topic or event.

Keep moving and make use of your hands

When you move around, use hand gestures and so on, it emits confidence from you. But if you don’t know what to do with your hands, it can be equally bad as not using them.

Make slow and calculated movements to look effective and important. Practice this in front of a mirror, and you will achieve this.

End with a serious thought

In the end, you want your audience to leave with constant thoughts about your presentation. You want to act on it, and for that, you have to end the presentation with serious thought. For that, you can either ask a question or state a famous quote.

The next time you have to deliver a speech, make sure you follow these steps.


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