List of Cakes that Holds Records Worldwide

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Cake history notes – The world records

Supercakes are a thing, and I want to say out loud. Yes, I’m that excited to say that. Imagine your favorite cake double its size, or maybe triple its size.

Mind boggling, right?

Eating cake for breakfast and cake for dinner too. Bless your taste buds with cake now and then. And why am I saying this?

Because there are cakes of that size and even bigger. Cake lovers prepare cakes that make history and breaks all records each year. Though it isn’t easy to make a giant food item, it sure is a fun process. Get birthday cake delivery in Delhi and enjoy, while your cakes set out to break the world records.

Here are some of the world records set by our favorite dessert.

  • Largest Ice Cream Cake

Feast your eyes with the largest ice cream cake weighed over 10 tonnes and was achieved by Dairy Queen in Toronto on May 10th, 2011. It was 14feet 7 inches (4.45m) long and 13 feet wide. It featured layers of sponge cake with vanilla ice cream and buttercream with Oreo cookie crumbs on top. How much time would you take to finish that all?

  • World’s Tallest Pyramid Cake

Did you know India has its record for the tallest pyramid cake in the world? I wish it was for me, but no, it was a birthday treat for Narendra Modi. On his 66th birthday, Atul bakery based in surat prepared a 7-foot tall cake that weighed almost a total of 3750 kilograms in just 48 hours. What a delicious way to wish a prime minister.

The largest number of layers in a cake

The Watkins Company, a leading global brand that provides natural, gourmet food flavoring products, created this record. They created a 260 layered cake to celebrate their 150th anniversary in Winona, Minnesota breaking the previous record of 230 layers. It stood approximately 73 inches tall and with a base of 32 inches. To construct the cake, it took 145 hours respectively. Kudos to them.

Record for Longest Cake

The latest record for the longest cake was achieved by Jiangxi Bakery Association in Zixi, Jiangxi (China) in 2018. The cake measured unbelievably  3188.621 meters (10461 feet 4.26 inches). That’s approximately 2 kilometers. The fruit cake took 23 hours and 60 professional cake makers and 120 assistants to get ready. It was for the country’s 3rd Bread International Tourism Festival, and later the cake was cut and distributed among the people of a remote village.

Most numbers of cakes displayed at once

That’s another record under India’s name. In 2017, as a part of Christmas celebration, a culinary academy of India displayed a total of 506 different cakes setting a new world record of most number of different cakes displayed at a single venue. The students of the academy told that they planned for one whole month for this record.

Who sold the most cakes in eight hours

The record for most cakes sold in eight hours is 14,534 and was recorded by Maria Michel, Chris Mintz and the Running Rarebits (all three from Canada) in 2014 at The Boardwalk, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They earned a profit of $14,390.75 and 100% of the money collected was donated to the Rotary Club of Kitchener Grand River. Cakes for a noble cause.

Largest Wedding Cake

We all love weddings and especially when it has a cake. The world’s largest wedding cake ever displayed weighed 6.818 tonnes (15,032 lb) according to Guinness book of world records and was prepared by a chef named Lynn Mansel and a team of 57 other chefs and pastry artisans at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino, Uncasville, Connecticut, USA on 8th February 2004. It was pulled with seven tiers and weighed more than an elephant.

Record for Largest Strawberry Cake

Prepared to be stunned by this enormous beauty. The record for the largest strawberry cake was displayed during an event in Scanzano Jonico in 2019. It took 300 hours to master bakers Salvatore Di Trani, Dolce Voglia di Dartizio/Rapanaro, Dolci Privilege di Angelo Corbino, Vincenzo Mastropierro to finish the cake. The task included 3500 eggs, 100 kilos of sugar, 103 kilos of wheat flour, and most importantly 800 kgs of strawberries. The super cake was  60.48 meters long breaking the previous record of 32.24 meters and weighed around 1100 kgs. 

So when are you planning to break these records? Bake a giant cake for your next birthday and let everyone talk about it. But the question that ponders my mind is that what oven will you use to bake that size. And if this article gave you strong cravings then get immediate online cake order in Delhi through Winni (not a giant one obviously).

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